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       "...I just received delivery of your amazing product(s) catalog today at my home. Thank you for sending me 3 copies!
I have a neighbor who works for Nebraska State Patrol and he is also serves in the Military.
Your company has the VERY BEST ideas, layouts, and work quality unmatched to anyone else in the industry.
God Bless and thanks again.  I will be contacting you soon for my next "framed treasures" highlighting my career."
Respectfully; - Richard Kanger (retired Motor Officer La Habra PD)

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K-9 Section      Recognition Section

They were able to take my vision and make it into a reality ... only 100x better than I ever imagined."

Sports Related Section

LAPD Section     Medals Section

lapd-awards-2019.jpg  lapd-purple-heart-2019.jpg
LAPD Section    Recognition Section

Special Thanks... Ryan Clark / BPD

Fallen / E.O.W. Section     SWAT Section

air-china-ontario-international.jpg   lehman-usmc.jpg
Printed Background Section      Air Related Section                                               Marines Section                              

garcia-social-services.jpg    cariffe-sfpd.jpg
Fallen / E.O.W. Section    Single Badge Section                                                           Uniform Section                               

weigand-lavern.jpg    collins-westminster-pd.jpg
Single Badge Section                                                               Police Standard Frame Section               

weigand-kern-county.jpg      k-9-tazer.jpg
     Sheriff's Section                                                                                          K-9 Section

gallagher.jpg     monterey-park-pd-patches.jpg
Police Standard Frames Section                      Patch Collection Section

va-ham-combo.jpg   lozeau-anaheim-pd.jpg
              Oversized Badge & Patch Section   VA Section                                              Police Shadowbox Section

rcso-stater-bros-charity.jpg     starkey-lapd-signing-mat.jpg
                                      Sheriff's Section                                                     LAPD Section    Caricature Section    Signing Mats Section

james-mejia-cdcr.jpg     rcso-perris-seal.jpg
            CDCR Section                                                                   Sheriff's Section    Emblems & Seals Section

mccallister-espd-swat.jpg   norwood-espd-swat.jpg
SWAT Section

"Other Stuff" Section

Recognition Section

Recognition Section



       UMANSKY / LAPD                                 AGUILAR / LAWA
umansky-lapd.jpg     aguilar-lawa.jpg
Police Shadowboxes Section      LAPD Section                                                     LAWA Section      

                  Medals Section                                                        SWAT Section  Perpetual Plaque Section

chino-pd-chiefs-wall.jpg   simmons-chino-pd.jpg
Chief's Section         Chino PD Section

rcso-doorsign-2.jpg rcso-doorsign.jpg
Door Sign Section       Sheriff's Section

"Of the Quarter" Section         Sheriff's Section      Perpetual Plaque Section

holguin-lapd.jpg    holguin-lapd-2.jpg
LAPD Section          Police Shadowbox Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

el-cerrito-pd-mission.jpg      texas-tech-pd-badge.jpg
                                    Mission / Vision / Values Section                                                Oversize Badge & Patch Section

beverly-hills-pd-gallery-wraps-2.jpg   beverly-hills-pd-gallery-wraps.jpg
Canvas Wraps Section

patton-lapd2.jpg     pellerin-south-gate-pd.jpg
  LAPD Section                                Police Shadowboxes                               South Gate Section

    eischen-newport-beach.jpg    coppinger-dover-pd.jpg    hodges-dallas-ind-school-district.jpg
Police Standard Frames Section

ward-covina.jpg    starr-lawa.jpg
Police Standard Frames Section                                                               LAWA Section                    

"It arrived and is great. Thanks!"                                                                                                          
feuntes-hilton-head-fire.jpg    mihalik-garden-grove-pd.jpg
                              Fire Section                                                 Police Shadowbox Section    E.O.W. / Fallen Section  

kelley-dhspd.jpg        disneyland-opening-day.jpg
Recognition Section                                                       "Other Stuff" Section

weldon-chp.jpg   mauldin-chp.jpg
CHP Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section       Sheriff Section

Deskplates Section

CHP Section       Printed Backboards Section

Caricatures Section

Palm Springs PD Section       Explorers Section

state-parole-large-badge.jpg  gangs-66-large-patch.jpg
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Mihalik - Anaheim PD acrylic-box.jpg
Acrylic Box Projects Section   E.O.W. Section    S.W.A.T. Section

mueller-pleasant-hill-pd.jpg   salas-medal-of-valor-obama.jpg
Police Standard Frames Section                                        Medals Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section                 Sheriff's Section

elwell-ontario-fire.jpg      smith-glendale-fire.jpg
        E.O.W. / Fallen Section                           Fire Section                                               
taron-covina-pd.jpg   chino-pd-real-time-crime.jpg
        Police Shadowboxes Section                                            Emblems & Seals Section  Chino PD Section

      McGUIRE / LAWA                                              NASCAR 2019
mcguire-los-angeles-world-airport.jpg   nascar-2019.jpg
                                     LAWA Section                                                          "Other Stuff" Section   Sports Related Section      
CALHOUN / LAPD                                          CORDERO / CDI    

calhoun-lapd.jpg   cordero-cdi.jpg
      LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section                                                         CDI Section                                    

Chino PD Section    Chief's Section      Police Shadowbox Section

164th-staff-board.jpg  164th-training-center-org-chart.jpg
Magnetic Org Chart Section     Army Section

carlsbad-pd-employee-of-the-year.jpg       el-segundo-end-of-watch.jpg
Medals Section   "Of The Year" Section                                    E.O.W. / Fallen Section      

Photomount Section    Wall Sign Section     Fire Section

   Sidney & Florence Hill / Aviation                                       FIGONE / ROD & GUN CLUB              
Sidney and Florence Hill - Avaition     figone-pacific-rod-and-gun-club.jpg
   Air Related Section                                                            Uniform Section    "Other Stuff" Section

Bill / Shelley, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great work you did on our organizational chart!  J.K. Placentia PD
Magnetic Org Chart Section

Police Shadowboxes Section         Uniform Section

  BROWN / LA MESA                           SYVOCK / NEWPORT BEACH
brown-la-mesa-pd-shadowbox.jpg     syvock-newport-pd-shadowbox.jpg
Police Shadowboxes Section

Smith-glendale-fire-plaque.jpg     McGuire-LAXPD-plaque.jpg
Plaque Options Section

Special Thanks - Capt. Leonard Purvis
riverside county sheriff-hemet-seal.jpg
Sheriff Section   Emblems & Seals Section

Recognition Section

Special Thanks / Chief Anthony Miranda / Vernon PD
Display Easel Section         Academy Section       Badge Presentation Board Section

                                       TROTTER / USMC              
judson-Santa Ana PD      trotter-usmc.jpg
Police Misc. Section                                                                             Marines Section                  

  PEREZ / CDCR                                         DEVIN / SUFFIELD      
perez-cdcr.jpg     devin-suffield.jpg
Corrections Section                                                                                  Police Misc. Section             

KARLEN / DOJ                                            RUEDAS / LAPD    
karlen-doj.jpg    ruedas-38.jpg
DOJ Section                                                                                                LAPD Section

basgall-clovis-pd.jpg       southard-fire-dept.jpg
                                               Chief's Section                                                           Fire Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section    


comstock-fire.jpg       timmons-bppd.jpg
Fire Section   Chino PD Section                                                 Police Shadowbox Section                

RCSO - Hemet-station-seal.jpg   hemet-station-seal-gloss.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section          Sheriff's Section

tustin-badge-backlighted.jpg     hanou-covina-pd.jpg
Oversized Badge & Patch Section                                                                   Police Shadowbox Section                             

roger-stewart-hat-2.jpg  roger-stewart-hat.jpg
"Other Stuff" Section

bell-pd-badges.jpg   decillis-New York State PD
                  Badge History Section                                                                        Police Misc. Section

K-9 Condor / Jackson PD      large-beaumont-pd-badge.jpg
                      K-9 Section                                                                       Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Display Easel Section

davis-rcso.jpg   davis-plaque.jpg
  Sheriff Section                                                                          Custom Plaque Section                            

Wall Identifiers.jpg
Door Sign Section

Sports Related Projects           "Other Stuff" Section
Sheriff Section    Uniform Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Org Chart Section   

doylestown badge collection
Badge Collection Section     Printed Backboard Section

lars-k9.jpg     ruedas-lapd2.jpg
   K-9 Section    Recognition Section   Sheriff's Section                                                     LAPD Section                                                       

K-9 Section    Recognition Section

beverly-hills-badge.jpg        clark-lapd.jpg
                       Oversize Badge Section                                                       LAPD Section  Police Shadowbox Section

SWAT Section

                GOLDBERG / CDI                                 LEATHERMAN / ANAHEIM
goldberg-cdi.jpg       leatherman-anaheim.jpg
                                                   CDI Section                                                    Printed Background Section   Police Shadowbox Section     

Beverley Hills PD - Fallen Officers
E.O.W. / Fallen Section

                             SHAW / GREENVILLE                        McLEAN / GEORGETOWN
shaw-greenville.jpg      mclean-georgetown.jpg
Standard Frames Section

laguilles-lawa.jpg    malinoski-covina-pd.jpg
LAWA Section                            Police Shadowbox Section

Ontario PD Section   Single Badge Section

    CAMERON / CAMPBELL                              HORNACK / ANAHEIM
cameron-campbell-pd.jpg      hornack-anaheim-pd.jpg
Standard Frames Section

     GILLINGWATER / CHP                                K-9 MAX / HAWTHORNE
gillingwater-chp.jpg    k9-max-hawthorne-pd.jpg
    CHP Section    Chief's Section                                                                    K-9 Section  

Perpetual Plaques Section     Sheriff Section

Podium Emblems Section

mountain-view-pd-1.jpg  mountain-view-pd-2.jpg
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

  GUTIERREZ / LAPD                                          RUEDAS / LAPD
gutierrez-lapd.jpg     ruedas-lapd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section    LAPD Section                                            Caricatures Section

ESCALANTE / LASD / WCPD                              GANNON / LAWA
escalante-lasd.jpg      gannon-lawa.jpg
       E.O.W. / Fallen Section    Sheriff's Section                                                              LAWA Section


"My shadow box looks amazing.  Thank you so much for putting such caring work into the memories of my career".
Sincerely, Jeff Bird, Lieutenant
Orange PD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

OLAGUHLIN / MILFORD                                     ORTIZ / CVF                     
oloughlin-milford-pd.jpg     ortiz-cvf.jpg
   Chief's Section                                                                                  Fire Section                             
COMSTOCK / CHINO                           JUDSON / SANTA ANA                   

comstock.jpg     judson-santa-ana-pd.jpg
             County Chiefs Section    Chino PD Section                          Academy Section   Police Standard Frame Section   

evo-k9-jasper-county.jpg    emeryville-pd-medals.jpg
K-9 Section   Recognition Section                                      Medals Section         Badge History Section
La Verne PD Wall Lettering
Wall Lettering Section

Wall Lettering Section   Large Sign Section

FREI / IRVINE                                       PASQUINZO / SAN FRANCISCO 
frei-irvine-pd.jpg      pasquinzo-sfpd.jpg
Irvine PD Section       Police Shadowbox Section

fvpd-rookie-plaque.jpg       leclair-rcso.jpg
   Perpetual Plaque Section                                                                Sheriff Section

la-grande-pd-badges.jpg     san-diego-county-law-enforcement.jpg
Badge Collection Section   Archive Section    Badge History Section                           Patch Collection Section                  

BISHOP / CHINO                                       HOWARD /  RIO HONDO
bishop-chino-swat.jpg   howard-rio-hondo.jpg
Chino PD Section      SWAT Section    Printed Background Section                               Academy Section              
MORENO / LA VERNE PD                         HARVEY / TRUCKEE FIRE  
moreno-la verne PD.jpg      harvey-truckee-fire.jpg
        Police Shadowbox Section                                                                               Fire Section

        CARMONA / LAPD                                    JACKSON / LAPD
carmona-lapd.jpg       jackson-lapd.jpg
LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

K-9 Section      Printed Background Section

K-9 Section      Printed Background Section     Santa Monica PD Section

Good Afternoon Shelley---
Thank you very much for doing such a great job on our K9 golf tournament plaques.  As usual, they were a huge hit and everybody
loved them.  I apologize for the late notice on these, but truly appreciate you moving things around to insure they got done in
time for our event. Please share our gratitude with Bill and your staff.  You guys are amazing!!!   Pat 
K-9 Section             Recognition Section             West Covina PD Section

Podium Emblems Section

Miami PD - Fallen Memorial
Special Thanks - Lt. Roberto Valdes

Department Video...

miami PD Memorial 2

rigby-rcsd.jpg      dunne-cdcr.jpg
  Sheriff Section                                                                                      Corrections Section

                                                                          ALLEY / LAPD / EMPD
million-dollor-bond.jpg    alley-lapd-empd.jpg
"Other Stuff" Section     Certificates Section                                             LAPD Section    Elmonte PD Section

ARANETA / ALHAMBRA                                                                                        
araneta-alhambra-pd.jpg         San Bernardino County Sheriff Avaition Unit.jpg
              Police Shadowboxes Section                         Air Related Section      Sheriff Section        Patch Collection Section 

fukazawa-state-parole.jpg         clock.jpg
Parole Section                                                                      Awards / Trophies Section
  TAYLOR / WEST COVINA                          MILLER / WEST COVINA  
taylor-wcpd-chief.jpg    miller-wcpd-swat.jpg
West Covina Section        Chief's Section            S.W.A.T. Section

talent-pd-badge.jpg    arago-cdi.jpg
              Oversize Badge & Patch Section                                           Single Badge Section         CDI Section

Fire Related Section      E.O.W. / Fallen Section

  DORI & ADAM ADLER / LAPD                                 McCullough / LAPD
adler-lapd.jpg    mccullough-lapd.jpg
LAPD Section

"I need to be thanking you guys, This is my fourth project with your company, I am serious when I say,
 You have no idea how these retirement gifts affect the members of our department, it has brought some to tears.
I know of no other better gift to give! You guys and girls are highly detailed and extremely meticulous.
 You constantly work with ideas that I have to make it the best. Iím very impressed to say the least.
Iím working on a military one right now for the Air Force and I definitely will be back again and again.
Thank you for everything!"   Tirrell / CHP
CHP Section     Printed Backboard Section

chp-day-2019.jpg  chp-day-2-2019.jpg
CHP / State Trooper Section

edberg-calpoly.jpg   enders-elementary-podium-logo.jpg
Medals Section  University Section                                                      Podium Emblem Section                      

Police Shadowbox Section

joachim-dea.jpg     marin-county-da-emblem.jpg
   DEA Section                                                                     DA Section    Emblems & Seals Section

maloney-cdcr.jpg     vega-cdcr.jpg
Corrections Section         Printed Backboard Section

porterville-seal.jpg    liberty-twnsp-pd-org-chart.jpg
Podium Emblem Section                                                                 Magnetic Org Chart Section                

roy-sandown-pd.jpg     keen-rio-hondo.jpg
                                               Recognition Section    Single Badge Section                           Fire Section   Academy Section            

talent-pd-patch.jpg   dunigan-lapd.jpg
 Oversize Badges & Patches                                                                    Uniform Section     LAPD Section

k-9-condor.jpg        patton-lapd.jpg
K-9 Section                                                                                              LAPD Section       Police Shadowbox Section

pompei-eow.jpg     hunter-macon-pd.jpg
    Fallen / E.O.W. Section                                                                       Printed Background Section

gresham-pd-emblem.jpg  chatham-twnsp-pd-emblem.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section

Police Shadowbox Section

marin-county-da-coin.jpg   83-fighter-squadron-org-chart.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section   District Attorney Section                             Org Chart Section     Air Force Section                                        

Org Chart Section

pink-patch-project.jpg     curry-la-port-pd.jpg
       Pink Patch Project Section                                         L.A. Port PD Section    Dispatcher Section

Archive Section     LARFPA Section

     McKinney / UCLA
                        Billiel / Univ. of Massachusetts
ucla-mckinney.jpg      billiel-2.jpg
University Section

  BURNES / LAPD                                            HOYTE / LAPD
burns-lapd.jpg    hoyte-lapd.jpg
LAPD Section    Police Shadowbox Section

west-tisbury-ooty.jpg    barling-lapd.jpg
    Perpetual Plaque Section                                                          LAPD Section    Police Shadowbox Section
505th air squadron
Magnetic Org Chart Section      Air Related Section      Air Force Section

ceres-seal.jpg    dillon-chief.jpg
Chief's Section        Emblems & Seals Section

E.O.W./ Fallen Section       Acrylic Box Section

padilla - lapd.jpg    thies-sbcso.jpg
LAPD Section         Police Shadowbox Section                                                            Sheriff's Section                              
adler-plaque.jpg    oxford - Gwinnett County PD.jpg
                Plaque Options Section                                                                      Printed Background Section

        Scouting Section
Hi Shelley, I just wanted to let you know we had our unveiling of the new Wohelo Plaque yesterday at our Camp Fire council event.
We invited many former members to the event and man  people were very pleased with the plaque.  So many people were
getting their picture taken with it pointing to their names on the plaque.  It was a huge success and they all loved it!  It brought
many of the older members ( now in their 60ís) to tears.   Thank you sooooooo much for all your help in getting this through to the
finish line! I have a feeling we will get the Boy Scouts talking about getting a plaque soon after they see ours.  Thanks!  Farrell

   Acrylic Box Section    E.O.W./Fallen Section

bronze-plaque-a.jpg  bronze-plaque-b.jpg  bronze-plaque-c.jpg
Thank You, so very much!  Undersheriff Tim Murakami and family were very touched.
As the Ďol cowpoke said:  ďI ainít got the words.Ē
bronze-plaque-d.jpg  Murakami
Bronze Plaque Section

ui-pti-class.jpg  hbr-podium-logo.jpg
Academy Section                                                                                Podium Emblem Section   

TY - L.A. City PD     kadekawa-lawa.jpg
        L.A. City PD    LAPD Section                                                                                LAWA Section                              

       NEAL / U.S. NAVY                                     CHAVEZ / CDI                      
neal-navy.jpg         chavez-cdi.jpg
Navy Section                                                                                  CDI Section       

hot-rod-magazine.jpg    kershaw.jpg
Sports Related Section

Fire Section

carnahan.jpg      pokemon.jpg
    Army Section                                                                          "Other Stuff" Section

foster-county-sheriff-2.jpg    foster-county-sheriff.jpg
Sheriff's Section      Uniform Section         Archives Section

ocsd-medal.jpg     usmc-flag.jpg
                            Medals Section    Sheriff's Section                                             Chief's Section   Flag Section   Marines Section

Hawaii-Five-0 / Framed photo and badge. $180ea.
hawaii-five-0-badge.jpg hawaii-five-0.jpg hawaii-5-0-plaque.jpg
"Other Stuff" Section

HSIEH / ANCHORAGE   "The Lucky Day Bullet"
hsieh-bullet.jpg  hsieh-bullet-2.jpg
"Other Stuff" Section

reyes-carlsbad.jpg       morales-patches-2.jpg
Medals Section                                                                       Patch Collection Section                    

                     ELGIN / GARDER GROVE                                      BLANCO                      
elgin-ggpd.jpg     blanco.jpg
      Police Shadowbox Section    Chief's Section                                                   Flag Presentation Section

shrode / Tustin SWAT   shrode-plaque.jpg
SWAT Section                             Plaque Options Section

barling-trump.jpg   nielsen-2-army.jpg
Certificate Framing                                                                     Flag Section   Army Section                                         

Sheriff Section     Oversize Badge & Patch Section
sppd-pink-patch.jpg     rodriguez-lapd.jpg    
                                     San Pablo PD Section     Pink Patch Section                          Police Shadowbox Section      LAPD Section                    

Service Area Section

military-working-dog.jpg        cragg-cvf.jpg
 Perpetual Plaque Section   K-9 Section                                                           Fire Section

nicholls.jpg       ward-glendora.jpg
Long Beach Section    Irvine Section   Dispatcher Section                                   Police Shadowbox Section        

RIFINO / GLENDALE FIRE                              ANAHEIM MEDALS          
rifino.jpg    anaheim-medals.jpg
Fire Section                                                                                  Medals Section    

BARTLAM / CVF                         TORRANCE / ALHAMBRA
bartlam.jpg     torrance-alhambra.jpg
Fire Projects Section                                                             Police Shadowbox Section

Perpetual Plaques Section      SWAT Section       Murrieta Section

TOMPKINS / CHP                                        SIKO / FULLERTON 

tompkins-chp.jpg     siko-fullerton.jpg
CHP  / State Trooper Section                                                             Police Shadowboxes Section   

kanbara-newport.jpg        ipd-animal-services-badge.jpg
                     Police Misc. Section                                 Oversize Badge & Patch Section    Irvine PD Section

MONTERO / NEWPORT BEACH                                                                               

montero-newport-beach.jpg    va-badges.jpg
      Police Shadowbox Section                                          Badge Ranks Section  Veteran's Affairs Section

McDONALD / POMONA / 53 YEARS!                  HERNANDEZ / POMONA      
       mcdonald-pomona-pd.jpg    hernandez-pomona.jpg
              Police Shadowbox Section      Police Misc. Section        Pomona PD Section

Fire Section

Riverside County Sheriff Frames
Sheriff Section

chp-baby.jpg     marshall-plaque.jpg
    CHP Section                                                                          Bronze Plaque Section                   

Morejon Deskplate
Deskplate Section

Koa Section   "Other Stuff" Section

Uniform Section    Police Shadowbox section

CDI Section

LAWA Section                                                                                          Scouting Section

duarte-lapd.jpg     gilbreath.jpg
LAPD Section       Police Misc. Section                                                                    Sheriff's Section   

szwajkos-eow      Honea - U.S. Navy Air Award
E.O.W. / Fallen Section      Navy Section

Brown - PCSO     erickson-wcso.jpg
Sheriff's Section

General Motors Retirement
General Motors Section

Eagle Scout Troop 776
Eagle Scout Section      Perpetual Plaque Section

Upland PD - Battery Backlighted Podium
Podium Emblem Section    Lettering Section

Sports Related Section            "Other Stuff" Section

Badge Collection Section

Laverne PD Military       
            Military Service Walls Section                                                               Recognition Section

LAWA Emblems with easles
LAWA Section      Podium Emblems Section

Murrieta SWAT Wall
SWAT Section           Wall Lettering Section          Murrieta PD Section        Perpetual Plaque Section

    Fire Section                                                                  Mission / Vision / Values Section     Flags Section     

West Covina PD SWAT
SWAT Section         West Covina PD Section

Hemet PD Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaque Section

Riverside County Sheriff - Dive Team - Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaque Section

Clark - U.S. Marshals         Army - Navy Game+
Recognition Section    U.S. Marshals Section                       "Other Stuff" Section

Alhambra PD - Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaque Section

MASON / GEORGETOWN                                   ALVAREZ / LAPD     
mason-2.jpg     alvarez-lapd.jpg
Police Misc. Section                                                                         Police Shadowbox Section   LAPD Section

hamel-fullerton.jpg      melendez.jpg
    Police Shadowbox Section                                                  Police Misc. Section                    

bowling-trophy.jpg    benkoczy.jpg
"Other Stuff Section"     Awards & Trophies Section                          Police Shadowbox Section                      

POWELL / BUENA PARK                                                              

powell-bppd.jpg     moraga-seal.jpg
     Police Shadowbox Section                                                                Emblems & Seals Section

Oversize Badges Section    Sheriff's Section


Plaque Options

     SANCHEZ / PASADENA                             HITZ / LARNED
sanchez-pasadena.jpg       hitz-lpd.jpg
                       Chief's Section                                                           Police Misc. Section

   Durham County Sheriff K-9 J.R.   suisun-fd-mission.jpg
              K-9 Section      E.O.W. / Fallen Page                                         Mission Vision Values Section      Fire Section                    

Designated Survivor
Podium Seals Section

Deskplate Section

Other Stuff Section   Sports Related Section



Martonez / Sanger PD    martinez-sanger-uniform.jpg
Uniforms Section    Police Shadowbox Section

 K-9 Recon      Billiel / Unizersity of Massachusetts
Recognition Section   K-9 Section                                                                  University PD Section

K-9 Max / Sublette County Sheriff's
Sheriff's Section       K-9 Section        Recognition Section

LAPD Chiefs Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaques Section    LAPD Section    Chief's Section

drake-shelter-island.jpg            car-sdsd.jpg
               Police Misc. Section                                                           K-9 Section     Recognition Section

Emblems and Seals Section      Podium Section      DOJ Section 

latour-stclaire-shores.jpg        eisley-wvih.jpg
    Police Misc. Section                                                                    Corrections Section

Single Badge Section    Chiefs Section

papadakis.jpg        novato-pd.jpg
Single Badge Section                                                                 Police Misc. Section        

Emblems and Seals Section

abshire-pspd.jpg        urban-shield.jpg
Badge Ranks Section     Palm Springs PD Section                                          "Other Stuff" Section

Display Cases Section    Magnetic Org. Chart Section

State Parks Section   Single Badge Section

fallen-tshirt.jpg           eisley2.jpg
Uniform Section                                                      Police Misc. Section

findley-lapd.jpg     bhpd-sign2.jpg
  LAPD Section  Single Badge Section                                                   Signs Section                                                        

Oversize Patch and Badge Section

Fire Section       Recognition Section

lucas-moraga.jpg        keenan-lapd.jpg
             Police Misc. Section                                                   Police Shadowbox Section   LAPD Section

"Other Stuff Section"    Uniform Section

Dispatcher Section

ramsey-cypress.jpg         PINK-PATCH.jpg
                  Police Shadowbox Section                                         Oversize Patch and Badge Section    Pink Patch Section

Police Misc. Section

Perpetual Plaque Section   K-9 Section   San Pablo Section

Police Misc. Section

danville-patch.jpg                  portsmouth-acrylic.jpg
          Oversize Badge and Patch Section                             Perpetual Plaque Section   Sheriff Section

Signs Section                       Veterans Affairs Section

Police Misc. Section

Fire Section     Recognition Section

kuo-chp.jpg          davis-lapd-cert.jpg
                           CHP Section      Explorer Section                                     LAPD Section    Certificate Framing                                          

Ontario PD Section       Archives Section      Acrylic Box Section

LAPD Section       Police Shadowbox Section

Irvine PD Section    Police Misc. Section

        Long Beach Section    Police Shadowbox Section  

uc-irvine-lesage.jpg        fed-reserve-villa.jpg
UC Irvine Section        Police Shadowbox Section                                         Federal Reserve Section

Badge Collection Section     Archive Section     Badge History Section

Display Easle
Display Easel Section

134th Org Chart
Magnetic Org Chart Section    Display Case Section

homeland-sec-badge.jpg       pima-combo6.jpg
Oversize Badge and Patch Section

Photo Mount Section    Signs Section   

Veterans Affairs Section      Signs Section     Door Signs Section

Sheriff Section

clark-us-marshals.jpg            farnes-laguna-beach.jpg
Recognition Section      U.S. Marshalls Section                                                                             Police Misc. Section 

kravets-lbbp.jpg      gwynn-alhambra.jpg
Police Shadowboxes     

Police Misc. Section       Medals Section

monopoly-action.jpg             royal-vapd.jpg
                        "Other Stuff Section"                                                            Chiefs Section      Veterans Affairs Section

Perpetual Plaques Section     Veterans Affairs Section

Fire Section

Police Shadowbox Section

florida-dfs.jpg          sdpd-patches.jpg
                              Medals Section                                                            San Diego PD Section      Patch Collections Section

Perpetual Plaques Section

sprague-pomona.jpg       semenic-cdcr.jpg
 Pomona PD Projects      Police Shadowboxes      Corrections Section 

walsh-ontario.jpg     osowiecki-suffield.jpg
Ontario PD Projects         Police Misc. Projects

Police Misc. Section

Perpetual Plaque Section       Scouts Section

Police Misc. Section

Recognition Section

Uniforms Section       Police Shadowbox Section
    LAMBORGHINI / GLENDORA                                                  ELKINS / GARDEN GROVE
lamborghini-glendora.jpg       elkins-ggpd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section
SEQUERIA / MILIPITAS                                                McPHERSON / LAWA         
milpitas-pd.jpg     mcpherson-lawa.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section                     LAWA Section

Emblems and Seals Section

Zamora / Watsonville
SWAT Section

stamler-academy.jpg    central-tx-academy.jpg
         Academy Section        

K-9 Section

                 COBLE / LONG BEACH                                                       BARRAGAN / LAPD

coble-lbpd.jpg       barragan-lapd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section       Long Beach PD Section                                                              LAPD Section

"Other Stuff Section"

Emblems and Seals Section    Fire Section    Chiefs Section

Org Chart Section

Flag Section    Medals Section    Army Section

Emblems and Seals Section

Swat Section     Irvine PD Section

Smith / LAPD                                                                                   
smith-lapd2.jpg     badges-in-lucite.jpg
LAPD Section     Police Shadowbox Section

solis-cdcr.jpg     kennedy-coin.jpg
                    Corrections Section     Recognition Section                                                       "Other Stuff" Section                                         

Single Badge Section

Academy Section  Sheriff's Section

          Signs Section                             Emblems and Seals Section

"Other Stuff Section"

Perpetual Plaque Section

   "Other Stuff Section"  

claremont-medals.jpg                huber-dmv.jpg
Medals Section                                              Police Shadowbox           DMV Section

long-branch-holders.jpg      long-branch-holders2.jpg
   Deskplate Section    

"Other Stuff Section"

     Garcia / La Verne                                      
DeMatteo / Howell Township
garcia-laverne.jpg          dematteo.jpg
Police Shadowboxes Section                                                                       Recognition section             

Police & Fire Games /       wagner-denville.jpg
                         Medals Section   Police & Fire Games Section                                  Police Shadowbox        Chief's Section                                

Flag Acrylic Award          Philadelphia PD Retirement
  Acrylic Awards / Trophies                                                                Police Misc. Section                                 

                                      CDCR Section                                                          Army Section     Recognition Section    E.O.W. Section

Martinez - K9
K-9 Section       Printed Backboard Section

BUTLER / LAPD                                         HALL / LAPD   
Butler LAPD      Hall - LAPD
LAPD Section         Police Shadowbox Section

Jim Tigner Recognition
Recognition Section    Motors Section   LaHabra Section

Raman / San Pablo       Tracy SWAT
San Pablo Section  Chief Section                                                                SWAT Section                                                  

Recognition Section

Hall - LAPD Acrylic Block Badges
Printed Backboard Section    LAPD Section

Org Chart Section

    Simmons - LAPD
                      Recognition Section    K-9 Section                                                    LAPD Section     E.O.W. Section                

134th ARW
Display Case Section       Org Chart Section 

Silver Display Case     Black Display Case
Display Case Section

Zamora - Watonsville SWAT
SWAT Section

    CLEMMER / SBCSO                                                     OLNEY / MONTEREY
   Sheriff Section                                                                           Recognition Section

HAMPTON / USCG                                        GUBBEI / MAPLE SHADE      
USCG Section    Flag Presentation Section                                          Chief's Section                                       

                COOK / LONG BEACH                                                   GRIFFIN / LONG BEACH
Long Beach Section     Police Shadowbox Section

Brown - CDCR     Barnett - CDCR
Corrections Section      Printed Backgrounds Section

MUNOZ / RSCO Printed Background with actual items attached.
Sheriff's Section      Printed Backgrounds Section

Police Shadowboxes

K-9 Section        Recognition Section

 KOHAGURA / LONG BEACH                                                         HASTINGS / KATY 

          Long Beach PD      Police Shadowboxes                                                            Chief's Section                               
LAPD Section    Police Shadowbox Section

Stoutsenberger / LAPD
LAPD Section    Printed Backboard Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Sheriff's Section                                                                 Door & Wall Signs Section                                 

Fire Section         Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Riverside County Sheriff's Office - SNIFF / DI YORIO / CLEARY / WOOD
Sheriff Section

DEDECO    Danville PD 32" Badge
   Patch Collection Section                                                        Oversize Badge & Patch Section

L.A. Impact Seal     Palm Springs PD Recognition
          Emblems & Seal Section        Podium Section                               Recognition Section   Palm Springs PD Section

Vinza     Arcadia PD
   Single Badge Section                                                                              "Other Stuff" Section                   

Barrios / LAPD
LAPD Section        Uniform Section        Police Shadowbox Section

9" dimensional satin finish badge with graphic background framed
in glossy walnut with gold accent. 15X20 - 12/2018
Single Badge Section     Recognition Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Tim McHargue / San Bernardino Fire Chief's Assoc. recognition award with laser etched raised acrylic,
and dimensional laser cutout emblem on a rosewood plaque. 12/2018
McHargue / San Bernardion Fire Chief's Assoc.
Fire Section       Awards Section

Plaque Options Section     Police & Fire Games Section
 STOUTSENBERGER / L.A.                                                       FRAZIER / COLFAX FIRE   
Single Badge Section                                                                          Fire Section                     

Brady - Old Guns

Ramos - EMT
Fallen / E.O.W. Section    Single Badge Section

Suisun FD
Org Chart Section    Fire Section    Grid Close-up Here

McRae     Houser / USMC
                      Police Shadowbox Section                                                         USMC Section   Uniform Section

Chino PD Section    Dispatcher Section                                                                "Other Stuff" Section               


CHP / Trooper Section     Printed Background Section

"Other Stuff" Section                                                       Printed Background Section

Patch Collection Section

LAPD Section       Police Standard Frame Section

Feldtz / LAPD     
LAPD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

Luna     Landis
           South Gate Section   Recognition Section                                Chief's Section      Single Badge Section

Pomona PD Explorer     benson-fire
Pomona PD Section    Explorer Section                                                               Fire Section                                                    

I just received it!  It is wonderful. My husband loves it! Thank you! M. Jakober
Deskplate Section

LAPD Section   Plaque Options Section                                                 Academy Section  

      Phillip Black - LVMPD
Santa Monica PD Section  Uniform Section   Police Shadowbox Section                                      Badge Collection Section                                         

               CHP Section      Patch Collection Section                                                         Magnetic Org Chart Section

Podium Section    Fire Section

Awards / Trophy Section

FARLEY / REDWOOD CITY                              NORDSTROM / RCSO
        Nordstrom / RCSO
Uniforms Section                                                                        Sheriff Section

Lexington PD Academy
Academy Section

Recognition Section

Corrections / CDCR Section

BERGLUND                                                    LEVINE
             Fire Section                                                                   Sheriff Section   Chief's Section

      Security Agencies                                       VARGAS / SBC FIRE
Security Section   Badge Collection Section  Patch Collection Section                                   Fire Section                                   

      REEVES / E.O.W.                                          FALUDI / NEWPORT BEACH
E.O.W. / Fallen Section                                                                 Police Shadowbox Section

    CHARLES / DOWNEY / 11-2018                          TANNER / U.S. ARMY            
Downey PD Chief - Charles       
Chief's Section    Police Shadowboxes                                                                        Army Section             

Fenton US Army
Army Section          Uniform Section           Plaque Options Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Motors Section        Recognition Section                                                                Chief's Section                         

Perpetual Plaque Section

Signs Section

BHPD Awards 
Recognition Section

oRDAZ  VA seal
      Corrections Section                                          Podium Seal Section   Veteran's Affairs Section

Recognition Section

Pleasant Hill K-9s
K-9 Section    Recognition Section

    Jones / CDCR
Sheriff Section                                                                                                  Corrections Section

Chief's Section       Emblems & Seals Section

estrada - LAPD - Vernon PD  
LAPD Section   Certificate Section                                        Police Standard Frame Section

                      Academy Section                                                                      Fire Section   Podium Section

ADDINGTON / PITTSBURG                                        WEST COVINA FIRE         
Addington   Werst Covina Fire Badge
                           Chief's Section                                         Fire Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section

struble     Pink Patch
                               Deskplate Section    Fish & Wildlife Section                        Chief's Section  Pink Patch Section  Podium Section

Special thanks Danny Armas
   WCPD - SWAT  West Covina S.W.A.T.
West Covina PD Section    SWAT Section

Rincon Fire3
Fire Section  Org Chart Section

Army Plaque
Army Section    Plaque Options Section

US Navy Recognition
K-9 Section       Recognition Section     Navy Section     This is Your Badge Section

Riverside County Sheriff
Recognition Section    Sheriff Section

OWENS / COLTON                                                                                                          
Owens / County Chief's     Edge Options
Chief's Section                                                               Org Chart Section    C-Channels Section

      STEWART / PHOENIX                                                 FOWLER / GARDEN GROVE
Stewart / Phoenix PD     Fowler - Garden Grove PD
Uniform Section        Air Related Section                                           Police Shadowbox Section       

IACONO / WEST CHESTER                                                NEFF / SOUTH PASADENA        
Iacono     Neff / South Pasadena PD
Police Standard Frames Section                                                         Police Shadowbox Section        

I received my retirement frame yesterday. It's perfect. I knew it would be great, but its even better than expected. 
I wanted to say Thank You to you and your staff for doing such a great job on this and the other projects you've done for me. 
Phillip Black - Las Vegas, NV
Black - LVMPD

Torrington PD - Custom sign
Signs Section

Latrobe PD Chief Deskplate   LAPD
                                 Deskplates Section     Chief's Section                                             LAPD Section     Recognition Section
LAPD Family Support Group
Recognition Section   LAPD Section

San Bernardino County Probabtion / Tori Cloke
Oversize Badge & Patch Section      Large Signs Section

LAPD Medals of Valor 2018
Medals Section      LAPD Section

Sheriff Section

HERMOSILLO / SBCSO                                                                       WILLIAMS / LAPD
Hermosillo / SBCSO     Willaims / LAPD
      Sheriff's Section    Recognition Section                                     Police Shadowbox Section    LAPD Section

Monrovia PD Medals
Medals Section

LIPPMAN / NEWPORT BEACH                                                  GUTIERREZ / ONTARIO               
Lippman    Gutierres / Ontario PD K-9
Police Standard Frames Section                                           Ontario PD Section     K-9 Section        

KISSELL / CORONA                                                                                              
Actual coins, pin and ribbon on printed background                                                                                          
Kissell - DEA       National Police Week
Printed Backgrounds        Ontario PD     Sheriff      Corona PD         DEA         DOJ           Recognition Section

Eureka Sign     National Police Week
         Large Sign Section                                                                                      Recognition Section

Podium Section   Photomount Section

Cooper Gavel
Court/Judge Section         Acrylic Box Section       Chief's Section

VAN DE KREEKE / OCSD                                                                   EARL / OCSD
Sheriff Section      SWAT Section

EPA - Kenyon     New Castle County - K-9 Diesel
          EPA Section                                                                 Recognition Section   K-9 Section

K-9 Arco 
K-9 Section    Recognition Section

West Covina PD Archives
Photomount Section   Archive Section
Click to enlarge...

Sotos - LAPD Dispatch     Reiss / UC Irvine PD
Dispatch Section        LAPD Section                                                             University PD Section       

Novato PD - Employee of the Quarter
Employee of the Year/Qtr Section

               HENSHAW / BELL GARDENS                                 EUREKA PD PREFORMANCE AWARDS
Henshaw - Bell Gardens PD       Eureka PD - Performance Awards 2018
Police Standard Frames Section                                                     Ribbon Board Section

Wilson - USCG
USCG Section     Printed Backboard Section

LAPD POLICEMAN Badge noumber 22
Single Badge Section        LAPD Section        Archive Section 

Dana Hall Scoold Emblem     RBPD Versey
"Other Stuff" Section    Podium Emblem Section                           Sports Related Section   Uniform Section           

NTOA Podium Emblem                                                                Veteran's Affairs PD Podium Combo 
NTOA - Podium Emblem      Veteran's Affairs PD Combo
             Podium Emblem Section                                               Badge & Patch Reproductions Section   VAPD Section


Bill & Shelly,

I canít thank you enough for coming to my retirement ceremony. It was such a special day for me and it meant a

lot that you took the time out of your day to be there. You both are such great people and I am truly blessed to call you friends.

 My shadow box is one of a kind and I have received so many comments on it. It is truly a piece of art and the work you do in

capturing peoples careers is nothing but remarkable. You guys are the best!!
  Sincerely, Mike
Hallinan / Irvine
Mike has been coordinating projects with Badge Frame for many years.  He is moving on to UCI for the next
chapter of his career.  This presentation includes a portion of his mementos from LAPD, LASD and Irvine PD.

Irvine PD Section       LAPD Section       Sheriff's Section     Police Shadowboxes Section

Payne / LAPD
Payne / LAPD Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section             LAPD Section

BATES / LASD / 9-2017                                                               BAUTISTA / GARDEN GROVE   
Bates / LASD Retirement      Bautista / Garden Grove PD
Sheriff Section                                                                               Police Shadowbox Section

Scotland Golf Collage
Collages Section    Golf Related Section

Arnold - Chino PD Retirement     Ortiz / Navy / Army / Army Reserve
Police Shadowbox Section    Printed Background Section   Chino PD Section                    Flag Section   Military Section                     
1988 World Series     
"Other Stuff" Section       Sports Related Section                                          Recognition Section   K-9 Section                            

MIKE RAMOS / SBC DA                                                                                                                                      
Ramos - District Attorney      Darlington Co. Sheriff
   District Attorney Section                                                         Sheriff Section   Oversize Badge & Patch Section  

Police Chief Section

SEALS / DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL                                                                                         
Single Badge      Wildomar Patch
    Single Badge Section                                                 Oversize Badge & Patch Section                  

  RIALTO FIRE / EMS CLASS #6                                                     QUEEN / NASA              
Rialto Fire    Queen - NASA
Fire Section          Recognition Section       E.O.W. / Fallen Section

                                                                                                        SCHMIDT / ANAHEIM PD
Tom Wilson - Fire Chief   Schmidt / Anaheim PD Retirement
Printed Backboard Section   Fire Section                                                 Police Shadowbox Section            

Covina PD Wall Lettering
Wall Lettering Section

Car / San Diego County Sheriff K-9   Dexter / Osceola County Sheriff K-9
K-9 Section     Sheriff's Section    Recognition Section

Kim has been a long time liaison between Badge Frame and CDI.  Thanks Kim for all your efforts!
E N J O Y  your retirement!   - Bill & Shelley
Kim Morgan / CDI

Hi, Shelley!  I just received the K9 plaque. WOW! Outstanding work! Thank you so much for putting that together for us.
Exactly what we were hoping for. You guys are awesome! Thanks again! Martina / Administrative Associate

Round Rock K-9
K-9 Section   Recognition Section

CHP Recognition
CHP Section     Recognition Section

Jim Mateer / Los Angeles Retire Fire & Police Association
Fire Section

  Doby - Vernon PD K-9
               Oversize Badge and Patch Section                                        K-9 Section   Recognition Section
Ramirez Deskplate    
Deskplate Section
 THOMPSON / CULVER CITY / NEWPORT BEACH                              ORTNER / MURRIETA / CHP                  
Thompson - Newport Beach    Ortner / Murrieta PD Dispatch
Dispatcher Section   Police Misc. Section    Murrieta PD Section     CHP Section

                                                                                                                                PRATT / LONG BEACH
San Pablo PD  K-9 Perpetual Plaque      Pratt - Long Beach PD
                  Perpetual Plaque Section    K-9 Section    San Pablo PD Section      Long Beach PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Black 13X10.5 Customized Recognition Plaques
K-9 Sanford PD
K-9 Section                  Recognition Plaque Section

Rollie Ellis - CDCR
CDCR Section         Printed Background Section

       SCOTT / HUNTINGTON BEACH                                                       HALKETT / CVF
Scott - Huntington Beach PD      Halkett - Chino Valley Fire
                         Police Standard Frames Section                                                      Fire Section      Recognition Section

VAPD - K-9 Berm       LAPD Chiefs
K-9 Section   Recognition Section    VAPD Section                              LAPD Section    Chief's Section


Pickney - Badges
Badge Collection Section

Beverly Hills PD - 30" Coin     Santa Maria FD / Adminitration Emblem
Emblems & Seals Section      Fire Section 


Davis U.S. Navy
Navy Section     Certificate Section

                        Mission/Vision/Values/Ethics Section                                      District Attorney Section     Single Badge Section           

                          VILLARREAL / ANAHEIM                                                     MIRANDA / IRWINDALE  
Anaheim PD      Anthony Miranda / Irwindale PD
                                Medals Section                                                                             Chief's Section

Nguyen / Buena Park SWAT   La Verne FD - Badge Patch Combo
SWAT Section                                                              Oversized Badge Section   Fire Section  
Jones-   Costa Mesa Fire - Oversize Badge
                                             Medals Section                                                                        Fire Section    Oversized Badge Section
West Covina PD Archive Collage Walls
West Covina PD Collage wall  
Archive Section   Collages Section

LAWA / Guirguis        South Pasadena PD / EARLEY
LAWA Section         Police Standard Frame Section                                          Police Shadowbox Section                

K-9 Leo / El Segundo PD       Tirre / Ontario PD
             K-9 Section    Recognition Section                             Ontario PD Section    Police Standard Frame Section 

The Badge Frame Specialty!  CUSTOMIZED $120 Recognition Plaques!  Call us! (800) 639-3726
Palmer - Bensalem PD Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame   Donnor - Missouri Pacific and Union
          Pacific Railroad Recognition Plaque from Badge frame  Oscerla County Sheriff K-9  LAWA Retirement Presentation 
from Badge Frame for Maltez
Railroad Section            K-9 Section           LAWA Section          RECOGNITION SECTION

Torres / LAPD / 39 Years   Pima County Sheriff Combo
LAPD Section   Caricatures Section    Certificate Framing Section                Sheriff Section    Oversize Badge/Patch Section        

Covina Police Chief Curley and Lieutenant Gaumer with Badge Frame dimensional badge
and mission statement wall lettering.  8/30/18.
Covina PD Badge and Lettering
Lettering Section       Oversize Badge Section


 Gamble - LAPD Retirement     
LAPD Section      Police Shadowboxes Section   

                         ZAVALA / SUPERIOR COURT              
Zavala      Peltz Service Award
            Court / /Judges Section                                                          SWAT Section   Perpetual Plaque Section

Pratt / Long Beach PD     Laguna Beach Combo - Blue Backlight
Long Beach Section   Police Shadowbox Section
Mooring / LAPD
LAPD Section       Acrylic Box Section

414 Combat Rtaining Squadron Magnertic Org Charts
Org Chart Section   Military Section

Convex Glass and custom oval frame      Upland PD Chief Thouvenell
            "Other Stuff" Section                                                                            Chief Section

Police Department Military Service Wall
Military Service Wall Section      Military Section

Macy - Clovis PD       Lacy - Packers
Police Standard Frames Section                                                               Sports Related Section                            

Nevada Emerald Society      Brewer - Joplin PD - E.O.W.
Single Badge Section                              Motors Section    E.O.W./Fallen Section      

414 Combat Training Org Magnetic Org Chart      Casa Grande Fire - Org Chart
                                               Org Chart Section                                                                       Fire Section                                                

Rustic double frame, printed background, printed sides with actual collar.  8/2018
Coon - Hunting and Tracking Dog
"Other Stuff" Section      Printed Background Section
        CORTEZ / SAN GABRIEL                                                                       MAGEE / LAPD     
Cortez / San Gabriel PD      Magee / PALD
           Police Standard Frames Section                                                           Police Shadowboxes   LAPD Section

San Francisco PD Academy 262    Creager
       Academy Section                                                                            Police Shadowbox Section

                     ;                                                                                                                        DUCHEMIN / SUFFOLK COUNTY
Tirre / Ontario PD Plaque from Badge Frame      Duchemin - Suffolk County
                      Plaque Options Section   Ontario PD Section                                                      Police Misc. Section         

HOOKS & ANDERSON / Los Angeles World Airport
Hooks / LAWA Retirement    Anderson / LAWA
LAWA Section

Stirling / Clovis PD
Police Shadowbox Section
                                                                                                                                                    MILLER / SOUTH PASADENA  
      Chief Miller / South Pasadena PD Retirement
          LAWA Section    Plaque Options Section                                                                    Chief's Section

Deronn Scott - LAPD     Deronn Scott Medals
  Police Standard Frames Section                      LAPD Section                                    Medals Section          

Fullerton Boundary View 2018       Young - CHP Presentation
                                             Boundary View Section                                                    CHP/Trooper Section

Oscerla County Sheriff K-9
K-9 Section   Sheriff Section

STALEY / MURRIETA                                                             TAVARES / LAPD
Staley / Murrieta PD    Tavares / LAPD
Murrieta PD Section        Dispatchers Section         LAPD Section       Police Shadowbox Section

Hannon - Chicago PD
Plaque Options Section

414 Combat Traing Squadron Org Charts
Magnetic Org Charts   Air Force Section   Air Related Section

Walnut Creek PD Org Chart
Org Chart Section

Fontana PD Reception
Fontana PD Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Rivers / LAPD Retirement
LAPD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

Dingillo - LASD / LAPD
Academy Section   LAPD Section    Sheriff Section

Wilson / SBCSO      
Sheriff Section   Printed Backboard Section                           Fire Section     Academy Section    Org Chart Section      
  KIFF / NEWPORT BEACH                                                VILLARREAL / TUSTIN                      
Kiff / Newport Beach City Manager    Vilarreal / Tustin PD
            "Other Stuff" Section                                                                 Police Shadowbox Section                                     

CONDON / IRVINE PD                                                                     BENJAMIN / EASLEY PD
Condon - Irvine PD     Benjamin - Easley PD
Irvine PD Section     Police Shadowbox Section                                             Police Standard Frames Section         

Novotny - Tutstin PD.
Badge Collection Section

LandmaN / Irvine PD     Eagleson - LAPD
Irvine PD Section    Police Standard Frames Section                               LAPD Section    Police Shadowbox Section          

Vernon PD - Dispatchers Flag
Dispatch Section   Flag Section

Veach / US ARMY
Flag Section    U.S. Army Section

Cooksey / KOA
"Other Stuff" Section

I received my sonís scout shadow box today.   It looks awesome!
You guys did such a great job and Iím very impressed. It came out even better than I thought it would.
 I canít wait to give this to him next week. Great work and thank you!!
KOMSA - Eagle Scount Troop 39
Scouting Section

Whittaker / LAPD      Schiavi - Newport Beach PD
                          LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section                                Motors Section              ;                                   

Casa Grande Fire
Org Chart Section   Fire Section

San Diego PD - Original Jail Key
San Diego PD Section     Printed Backboards Section   Archive Section

San Pablo PD Org Chart
Org Chart Section   San Pablo PD Section

Bill - it turned out truly AMAZING!!!   It is 100 times better than the proof even was.
We gave it to our son last night and he was almost speechless.
Thank you so much for doing such an amazing, creative job!!!!!  Tammy and I could not be happier.  
We will be in touch next year when I retire and itís time for my career shadow box.  👍🏻
Soccer - Ramsey
"Other Stuff" Section         Sports Related Section        Printed Backboards Section

Whitney - L.A. School Police    Seabrooks / Santa  Monica
                                                                                                     Chief's Section    Santa Monica PD Section

       Downey PD Original Deployment                                          WHITNEY / SAN GABRIEL PD                               
Downey PD Patches    Whitnet / San Gabriel PD
Patch Collection Section                                                                Police Standard Frames                          

VAN HECKE / PASADENA                                           BARNES / BELL GARDENS
Van Hecke - Pasadena SWAT      Chief Barnes - Bell Gardens
SWAT Section                                                                           Chief's Section                   

                                                                                                                                          MORALES / SACRAMENTO TRAINING  
Range Rules - WCPD     
                             Sign Section                                                                                   Patch Collection Section

   BENJAMIN / TABLE ROCK STATE PARK                                        LARKIN / CHINO PD SET      
Benjamin - State Park Service     Larkin - Chino PD
                                    Printed Background Section                                                  Chino PD Section   Recognition Section                

KRESGE / NEWPORT BEACH PD                                                                                         
   Montano - LA PORT PD
                                 Motors Section                                                L.A. Port PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Plaque Options Section      Motors Section

Walnut Creek Org Chart
Org Chart Section

Pory Authority 116B
Academy Section

Foster Couny Sheriff Patch 
Sheriff Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section

SWETT - East Hanover Twnsp.  LAPD Challenge Coins - Roger Stewart
Uniform Section                                                               LAPD Section
OCSA - 13R    Sanchez - Pomona SWAT
                      Academy Section    Sheriff's Section                                         Pomona PD Section   SWAT Section

K-9 SEM / CYPRESS PD     Blondi / Beverly Hills PD
K-9 Section   Printed Backboard Section                                           Police Shadowbox Section

Clawson - SWAT Presentation    WCPD - SWAT
SWAT Section 

Roger Stewart / LAPD Retirement Presentation
LAPD Section             Motors Section           Police Shadowbox Section

Stapp - Army
Army Section   Printed Backboard Section

Murrieta PD - Magnetic Message Board  Murrieta PD Magnetic Message Board
Magnetic Section         Murrieta PD Section

Slid-in Door or locker sign
Door / Locker Signs

Sanchez - Pasadena PD SWAT Appreciation
   SWAT Section        Chief's Section

Downey - USCG
USCG Section   Flag Presentation Section

USA Women's Hockey
Sports Related Section

Flores - Chino PD Explorer   Cottle - LAPD - E.O.W.
Chino PD Section     Explorers Section                                                         E.O.W. / Fallen Section       LAPD Section 

Special thanks!  Sara Faden / LAPD
Beck - LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section   Chief's Section

Scales of Justice
DOJ Section    Judge & Court Section

Chacon / LAPD Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame   Walker - Inland Regional SWAT
    Police Shadowbox Section       LAPD Section                          SWAT Section    Recognition Section    Chief's Section         

Garaven / Tustin PD  Rodriguez / Pomona PD Deskplate
                  Police Shadowbox Section                                            Deskplate Section     Pomona PD Section                         
Darlington County Badge & Patch
Oversized Badge & Patch Section     Sheriff Section

Roger Stewart - LAPD Motors Jacket
LAPD Section     Uniforms Section    Motors Section

Cisneros - UCI   
              University PD Section       Chiefs Section                                          Signs Section     Emblems / Odd Shapes                        
Parsons - Federal Reserve   Devoll - Georgetown PD
    Chiefs Section      Federal Reserve PD Section                                                       Police Misc. Projects                                    

Tiso - Waterbury PD Deslkplate  West - LAPD Riots
                    Deskplate Section                                                               LAPD Section    Collage Section

   South Gate PD
                            Academy Section                                                        South Gate PD Section       Recognition Section

Acrylic Box Projects Section     Other Stuff Section

Scott - LAPD Basketball   Magnetic Holders
               LAPD Section   World Games Section   Collage Section                       Magnetic Org Chart Section  ;                                               

Murrieta PD - Org Chart
Org Chart Section     Murrieta PD Section

What a great way to honor your current and past employees and show that their Military Service was truly appreciated!
Special thanks to Collen Sellers UPD for organizing the information  5/2018.
These pieces feature their current photo, a service photo and plaque information past and present.
Upland PD Military Service Board from Badge Frame
Military Service Walls Section

Valvo - Ontario Air Support
Ontario PD Section        Air Related Section     Acrylic Box Related Section

crislip - CHP      Kepley / Palos Verde Estates PD
CHP / Trooper Section                                                                 Chief's Section

Pacifica PD Banner 
Large Signs Section

  Ventura Fire Dept. Podium Emblem
             Podium Emblem Section                                                                         Fire Section                        

lazzaretto    Eureka PD Ribbons
                  Uniforms Section    EOW / Fallen Section                                                  Ribbon Boards Section
   doby    Kato - Putnum County Sheriff     Kato
K-9 Section

Magnetic "Black Belt" Members Plaque
Carbone Fitness 
Perpetual Plaque Section   Fitness Board Section

K-9 Section   Sheriff's Section                                                             Army Section   Uniform Section                     

Large Wall Signs Section             Sheriffs Section                 Photomount Section

Fairfax County Sheriff Sign

Chino PD Coin Reproductions   SBC Probation
Chino PD Section    Oversize Badge & Patch Section      Boundary View Section

LAWA Section                                                                             Corrections Section

Pope / Downey PD   cloughesy / Long Beach
         Downey PD Section                          Police Shadowbox Section             Long Beach PD Section

Hoppe - U.S. Army 
Army Section      Plaque Options Section

Standard Frames Section      Orange PD Section

Thanks to CHP's Juan Galvan for inviting Badge Frame to your CHP Day 2018 event! Another great year!
 CHP Day 2018
CHP / State Trooper Section

Bussard - Chino PD    Chino PD / Bussard plaque
    Police Shadowbox Section       Chino PD Section       Plaque Options Section

San Bernardino County Probation Seal from Badge Frame
Emblems & Seals Section

Scout Section      Perpetual Plaque Section

                                                                                             Academy Section                       

Police Shadowbox Section

Foothill - DeAnza    Cal Poly Pomona
        Patch Collection     Archive Section                                               University Section   Medals Section

Placer County Sheriff    
          Oversize Patches and Badges Section     Sheriff Section                                                       Fire Section   Chief's Section

Rango - CA Fish  & Game      
K-9 Section     E.O.W. / Fallen Section                                                  Academy Section     Fire Section                           

Zuniga / LAPD    
Police Shadowbox Section     LAPD Section

Sheriff's Section    Badge Collection Section

Police Shadowbox Section                                                   Org Chart Section    Sheriff's Section             

Navato / Investigations    O'Prandy / Gunner
Podium Emblems Section                                                                                 K-9 Section                  

Scott - South Gate PD   Hartnett
     Police Shadowbox Section       South Gate Section                          Sheriff's Section     Printed Backgrounds Section

Major League Baseball / Monopoly
"Other Stuff Section"                  Sports Related Section

San Bernardino County Probation Seal from badge frame     Duchemin
Emblems & Seals Section     Police Shadowbox Section

Vernon PD - DARE Essay
Recognition Section

Uniform Section     Police Shadowbox Section    Medals Section

Veteran's Affairs Section

Wlson - Father / Son
Police Standard Frames Section        Navy Section

Patch Collection Section   Archive Section

Brown / 
 Police Shadowbox Section     Long Beach PD Section                                                 Chief's Section                                       

Steve Garza / Downey PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section       Downey PD Section

Schusse / LaVerne PD Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame   Brouwer / Newport Beach Police Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section

Torres / LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame     Patton / LPAD
LAPD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

Keyworth & Spenser - Newport Beach PD Motors
Motors Section

DOJ Section

Peasley / Irvine PD Dispatcher Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame    Eisley / FBI NAA
Dispatch Section       Irvine PD Section                                                         FBI Section                   

Lansing PD Promotion Plaques
Promotion Section

Quijano / LAPD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   Godfrey / Rowlett PD
LAPD Section              Police Shadowbox Section                                        Certificate Framing Section
Hanten / San Diego PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   Norton - SDPD
San Diego PD Section      Police Shadowbox Section     Computer Plaques Section

Fredo / LAPD Air Support Uniform   Pierce / OCSD SWAT Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
 Uniform Section     LAPD Section                                                             Sheriff's Section   SWAT Section 

Daniel Carter / Riverside County Sheriff Retiment Presentation from Badge Frame      Morgan / Long Beach PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section      Printed Backboards Section                    Long beach Section   Police Shadowbox Section            

Corridor Wall Signs
Smaller wall, cubical and corridor signs section

Click on any images to enlarge...
West Covina PD - Dry Erase Board
Dry Erase Section

Allison / Chino PD Retirement     CVF - Maltese Cross Retirement Plaque from Badge Frame
Chino PD Section    Standard Frames Section                             Fire Section   Recognition Section             

Ducks Jersey Framed by Badge Fame     Dorris / USN Retirement
Sports Related Section       "Other Stuff" Section                                                           Navy Section                          

Do / La Habra Police Department retirement   
Recognition Section   Motors Section  La Habra PD Section                    Org Chart Section                          

Johnson / Alhambra PD     LAPD Detective Badge History from Badge Frame
             Police Shadowboxes Section              Badge Collections   LAPD Section    Archive Section  Badge History Section

Custom framed Hole-in-one    Bermudez / Covina PD retirement presentation from Badge Frame
Sports Related Section       "Other Stuff" Section          Golf Related Section                 Standard Frames Section                              
McMullin / Weatherby Lake PD Retirement    Kraus / LAPD Police Shadowbox
Chief's Section                              Police Shadowboxes Section                        LAPD Section

Hendrickson / Middlesex County PD Retirement    Gaylord / USCG Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes Section                                                              USCG Section                

Parthmer / Newport Beach PD Retirement from Badge Frame  Archive Police Motors Presentation from Badge Frame
Standard Frames Section                                                                   Archive Section  Motors Section                    
O'Day - Covina PD  Chino Valley Fire  Presentations from Badge Frame
   Chief's Section                                                                      Fire Section    Wooden Badges Section

Vargas - Covin PD Retirement     Pennington / Vernon PD E.O.W.
             Standard Frames Section   Dispatcher Section                  Archive Section  Motors Section    E.O.W. / Fallen Section                       

West Covina PD - E.O.W. Emblem from Badge Frame   San Pablo PD Coin Reproductions from Badge Frame
E.O.W. / Fallen Section                                                                   San Pablo PD Section                              

Traylor - LAWA Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame    Douglas County Sheriff - Podium Emblem fgrom Badge Frame
LAWA Section                                                     Sheriff's Section

Agnew / LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame   Peebles / Riverside County Sheriff / Baker 2 Vegas
Police Shadowboxes Section       LAPD Section                  Baker 2 Vegas Section   Printed Backboard Section                
BART PD - Shipley Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame    Rock Prings PD - K-9 Legacy Perpetual Plaque
    Police Shadowboxes Section                                             K-9 Section    Perpetual Plaque Section                          

Broger PD / Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  Nation Down Syndrome Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  Biola University PD Podium Emblem from Badge Frame
Podium Emblems Section

West Covina / SWAT Cumputer Plaque from Badge Frame
Plaque Options Section          SWAT Section

Seagle Scouts Troop 641 Perpetual Plaque 
Scouting Section

Eureka PD - Perpetual Plaques from Badge Frame   LAWA retirement presentation
Perpetual Plaques Section                                                                        LAWA Section
Texas Tech University - Glossy Acrylic Front badge & patch  GM & UAW Podium Emblems from Badge Frame
  Oversize Badge & Patch Section                                            Podium Emblems Section            
Epic Fitness    Epic Fitness - Magnetic          members Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame     Epic Fitness
Fitness Section                    Perpetual Plaque Section

     Sausalito PD Perpetual Plaque
Perpetual Plaque Section

Murrieta PD - Original Timeline storyboards
Murrieta PD Section
Murrieta PD - Magnetic Org Chart
Magnetic Org Chart Section

Bevacqua / Mount Olive PD Rertirement from Badge Frame    Adams / San Diego PD retirement from badge frame
Police Shadowbox Section       San Diego PD Section

LAWA Retirement / Evans from Badge Frame    Fortenberry / LAWA retirement from Badge Frame
LAWA Section

Riggs-k9-tustin-pd     Kates / East Norriton PD Retirement from Badge Frame
K9 Section   Recognition Section                                               Police Misc.  / Standard Frames

Peterson - Covina Police Department Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame    Doonan / Covina Police Department Retirement Presentation fom Badge Frame
Police Misc. Section                                                       Police Shadowbox Section          
Novak - Riverside County Sheriff Dive Team    Mar / Alhambra PD retirement presentation from Badge Frame
          Sheriff's Section    Flag Section                                      Badge Collection Section      Police Misc. Section

Smith / LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame    Carter / Riverside County Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
                Police Shadowbox Section       LAPD Section                                Sheriff's Section    Printed Backboard Section

Collins / RCSO    Querry / Newport Beach PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
                             Sheriff's Section                                                                             Police Shadowbox Section    Medals Section
Rodriguez / Alhambra PD Retirement from Badge Frame   MAr / Alhambra PD
Police Shadowbox Section

San Fracisco Police Academy Class 258 presentation from Badge Frame    Brannon - Irvine Police Department
                     Academy Section                                                                                  Irvine PD Section

Alhambra PD - Black Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   LAWA - Smith Retirement from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section                                                                  LAWA Section

San Diego PD Badge History from Badge Frame
Badge History Section        San Diego PD Section

Eagle Scouts Troop 648 from Badge Frame
Scouting Section

Deskplate - Bllack lacqure wedge with backpate  Deapartment of Veterans Affairs PD Perpetual Plaque - Of the Year and Of the Quarter
                         Deskplates Section                                                     DVAPD Section   Perpetual Plaque Section

Wood Shaped Recognition Badges

7 Point Star / Eagle / Shield
$140 ea. plus pack and ship.

Her / Clovis PD
Uniform Section

LVMPD Memorial Badges presentation from Badge Frame
Single Badge Section       E.O.W./Fallen Section

Pink Patch Presentation from Badge Frame    Coralville PD
  Pink Patch Section                                                                    Perpetual Plaque Section                
Giannakakos RSCSO Presentation   Supreme Court / State of NY
                          Sheriff's Section                                                                   Oversize Badge & Patch Section

NG / Alhambra PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame 2/2018
Police Shadowbox Section

Arizona University Presentation from Badge Frame    Esqueda / CDCR
"Other Stuff" Section                                                                               Corrections Section

Hop Meadow Country Club Logo for Podium from Badge Frame
Podium Emblems

Printed Backboard Section     "Other Stuff" Section

"Hi T.J.,I just want to thank you for making the process so easy.
You guided me through the whole process with patience and professionalism. The final products were amazing!
 I couldnít have asked for better  service or a better outcome, you do great work.  Thank you, Cheryl"
Chief's Section

   Vegas Hockey from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section                                                              "Other Stuff" Section               

    Fank Mena / Chino PD and South Gate PD retirement presentation from Badge Frame
Frank Mena has been involved with Badge Frame from early on.
He has always been a friend, supporter and has referred many co-workers to us.
He will be staying on to help with the Chino PD Museum after his retirement.
Thanks Frank, for all your help throughout the years! Congratulations on your retirement!
Chino PD Section   South Gate PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Perpetual Plaque Section                                                                           LAPD Section

  Western Boots Acrylic box from Badge frame
  Police Standard Frames Section                                              Acrylic box Section    Other Stuff Section

Davis / Joplin PD SWAT
Open Face Section      SWAT Section

Brooks / RSCO / K9   Bowler /LAPD
K-9 Section   Sheriff's Section                         Police Shadowbox Section    LAPD Section       

Shupe - Chp Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame.  Special thanks, Tirrell C. Hayes (CHP)
CHP / State Trooper Section    Printed Backboard Section

Union City PD - Oversize, backlighted, glossy acrylic badge from Badge Frame    Chief Garcia - Redlands PD / San Bernardino County Chief's presentation from Badge Frame
     Oversize Badge & Patch Section                                                          Chief's Section

Fairfax County Sheriff / Court Services Org Chart

Org Chart Section   Sheriff's Section

Disneyland Marathon Recognition    
Recognition Plaque Section

Kenney / LAPD Retirement from Badge Frame    
    LAPD Section        Police Shadowbox Section                                     "Other Stuff" Section                               

Richardson / LAWA Retirement Presentation   Hayes / Chino PD / E.O.W. Memorial
       LAWA Section                                                                  Chino PD Section     E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Police Chief Gary McMullen  WCPF - EOW Plaque
Plaque Options                                                                                E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Nunez / Buena Park PD SWAT presentation from Badge Frame      Oakdale PD Ethics presentation from Badge Frame
                 SWAT Section                                                                 Ethics / Missions / Values Section

Thanks Paul for all the projects you were involved with.
You were a great help with making Badge Frame successful. - Bill Baxter
Capraro / Pomona PD Chief shadowbox presentation from Badge Frame
Chief's Section   Pomona PD Section

Bishop / Chino & Redlands PD presentation from Badge Frame     Metclaf - LAWA presentation from Badge Frame 1/2018
Police Shadowbox Section                                                           Police Standard Frames Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Location Presentation from Badge Frame 1/2018
Sheriff's Section    Printed Backboard Section  

Collins / RCSO Retirement Presentation fom Badge Frame   Cronin - Shelter Island PD
Sheriff's Section                                                                                               

Medals & Ribbons framed by Badge Frame   Jones / U.S. N.
      Medals from Monrovia PD   4/2017  Medals Section                                                        Navy Section                                    

Puchalski / U.S. Amry uniform   Hayward PD - Patches
Uniform Section                                                                              Patch Collection Section              
Central Marin PD - Org Chart

SBCSO - Narcotics Emblem from Badge Frame    Lazzaretto / E.O.W.

Eisley / Corrections Chaplain    Koomen /

Ragland / LAPD    
                       LAPD Section                                         Emblems and Seals Section     Podium Section

Hershberber /     Evans / Grants Pass PD

WCCCD Patches    Pfeiffer /
Patch Collection Section                                                                   Sheriff's Section

Mancini / OCSD and IVCPD     Scott / CDCR presentation from Badge Frame
University Section     Sheriff's Section                                                Corrections Section  
  My Father passed away last night on 1/27/2016 and I can not Thank you enough for making
 such a beautiful shadow box for him several years ago. I presented it to him thanking him for
 his service to our Great Country. I am so thankful to Badge Frame for leaving the pictures of
him and I on your website for several years now. From time to time I often go to your website
and look at the pictures of him and I the night I presented it to him, which I will never forget.
We often refer to those who served in WW II as the "Greatest Generation.Ē Again Thank You for
the Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can.
 Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr.
(retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey

Thanks Louis Jr. for your update and touching note. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you the
best and appreciate your father's service. Badge Frame is honored to have been a part of your journey.
-Bill Baxter / Owner / Badge Frame Inc.
E.O.W. / Fallen Section          Army Section         Florham Park PD Section 
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