Yes...that's right....CLOCKS.  Any size, and image.
Endless ideas for these designs.  Even take your own pics and EM them to us.
We can use them as the background.  Mix and match any of the design features below!
Clock maximum size is determined by the graphics quality.
Call us with questions! (800) 639-3726

Hand options (photos coming soon).
Available in gold, silver, black and red. With and without second hands.
All clocks graphics are photoshopped, printed and laminated on a sturdy aluminum backing.


San Bernardino PD / Briefing Room Clock Options

Newark PD - Glossy, custom wall clock from Badge

Police Clocks -
          Custom graphics on clocks from Badge Frame
Santa Monica PD Badge
          Clock  Irvine PD - Sergeant's Clock from Badge Frame  Sergeant's Clock Sheriff Badge Clock from
          Badge Frame

Santa Monica Clocks good to 43"
Santa Monica PD Clocks - From
          Badge Frame Santa Monica PD Clocks from Badge

Newark PD Clock Options (any size up to 27")  Special thanks Misa Leal for a great idea!
Custom Clock designs from Badge
          FrameCustom Clock Designs from Badge

   Police Clock from Badge Frame
                                                                                                     Uniform Clock current graphic only good to 15"

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