About Org Charts...
The best way to go about obtaining a customized org chart from us is to follow these steps (in order).
1). Measure your wall and tell us the optimum OUTSIDE DIMENSION for you project.
2). EM us a list of ALL positions and personnel you wish to have represented.
3). EM or fax (909) 591-3032 a layout of your organization.
After these preliminary steps, we can design your chart (leaving extra room for future growth) and specify the
correct plaque or label holder sizes you will need to make your board look it's best.

Available options include magnetic clipboards (dry erase or regular) (lined or blank), all types of accessory holders for keys etc.

You can also have a protective front acrylic that hangs in front frame and backboard. See bottom of page to view this covering.

Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.
Some agencies are using multiple panel layout outs to accommodate all the names.

Click on any images to enlarge...


Display Case Section

Duty Board Section          Fire Section



try-it-org-chart.jpg   try-it.jpg


Federal Reserve PD Section

Sheriff's Section 


San Pablo PD Section

  Veterans Affairs Section   

chula21.jpg    Chula Vista PD projects from Badge Frame   
         Chula Vista PD Section

USAF leadership-board.jpg
Air Force Section    Wall Lettering Section


Chief's Section            Perpetual Plaques

C-Channel Section

Army Section

Sheriff Section

Bill / Shelley, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great work you did on our organizational chart!  J.K. Placentia PD



Air Force Section


505th air squadron
  Air Related Section      Air Force Section

Display Cases Section

Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.


134th ARW
Display Case Section
Silver Display Case     Black Display Case


Suisun FD
Fire Section    Grid Close-up Here

Rincon Fire3
Fire Section

  Edge Options
C-Channels Section

414 Combat Training Squadron Magnetic Org Charts

414 Combat Training Org Magnetic Org Chart     Casa Grande Fire - Org Chart 
                                                         ;                                                                               Fire Section
414 Combat Traing Squadron Org Charts
Air Force Section   Air Related Section

Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.
Walnut Creek PD Org Chart
Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.

  Fire Section     Academy Section
Casa Grande Fire
  Fire Section

San Pablo PD Org Chart
San Pablo PD Section

Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.
                 Walnut Creek Org Chart 
Framed pieces that are being picked-up from our facility can be a maximum of 95X47.

Murrieta PD - Magnetic Message Board  Murrieta PD Magnetic Message Board
Murrieta PD Section

Murrieta PD - Org Chart
Murrieta PD Section



Fairfax County Sheriff / Court Services Org Chart

Sheriff's Section

Magnetic Message Board - Holds 21 8.5X11 pieces.
Papers are held on with magnets.
Covina PD - Magnetic Message Board 11/2017

Verticle C-Channel
C-Channel Section
Vertical C-Channels can have either a magnetic or an adhesive back.

          Fie Department Org Chart with Mission Statement from Badger
Org Chart Section    Fire Section

Fairfax FD -
          Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Police Organizational Chart
          (magnetic) for San Leandro PD from Badge Frame
San Leandro PD Section

Carlsbad PD - Magnetic Org Chart
          from Badge Frame
Carlsbad PD Organizational
          Chart - Before & Afters from Badge Frame

Laguna Beach PD
              Organizational Chart from Badge Frame 8/2016

Stockton Unified
                    School District - Organizational Chart from Badge

Joint Collaboration with Cindy Quade / Graphic Designer /Team Lead / AIR-4.11 Support
Versions show 60" X 40" magnetic version with new laser cut employee "panels" and another version with
C-Channels that will allow the printed cards to slide-in to the holders. 1/2016   Click on images to enlarge.
                  with movable panels                                                                 with C-Channels                    

  Air Operations Section                                                  University PD Section                          

Daly City PD 3 section org chart framed in 2" black satin with silver fillet accent.  11/15

Cathedral City's Org Chart with Captain Earl Moss...

Earl has been updating and re-organizing their org chart since April of 2013.
This magnetic chart incorporates magnetic C-Channels with slide-in names and positions.
Thanks for a great photo Captain!

larger image here

Magnetic Org Chart Design Proof for UCLA  10/2015

Fontana PD Section 

Fontana PD Section here      Larger Image here      X-tra large view of above graphic here

San Leandro Organizational Chart with added Explorers and Volunteers Panels

San Leandro PD Section here

This Morris County Sheriff Org Chart was unique for a few different reasons.
First, the C-Channels are adhered to a non-magnetic backboard.  This allowed
for the ranks and positions to have the nice connecting lines denoting structure.
We also incorporated a textured black metal frame that helped with supporting
the weight . Awesome presentation for John Waldron / MCSO  5-2015


Chief's special message board. Magnetic with slight texture.
Slide-in Magnetic C-Channel headers 6" X 1"  1/2014

Chino Valley Medical Center Governing Board Presentation.

6 changeable frames velcro attached to a photographic laminated background.  11/2014

Sheriff Section            Dry Erase Section

B.A.R.T. Organizational Charts
Click on images to enlarge...

S H O W S T O P P E R....

Badge Frame and San Leandro PD have raised the mark with this outstanding magnetic presentation.
Removable framed group photo to be updated as needed and 8" individual metal letters between the bottom space.
I.D. cards were custom made and laminated. Center piece 66" X 40".

San Leandro PD Magnetic Org Chart 2013

Magnetic, pocket laminated, custom sized I.D. cards for San Leandro
PD... Click to enlarge

Actual Brea PD facility photo of board in action.
Note engraved plates are moved from bottom to top when vehicles are being used.
Click to enlarge...

Peace in Christ Laminated washable org chart with the C-Channels adhered to the
non-magnetic backboard.  Slide in printed name are also laminated.  7/2014

Magnetic / Laminated Service Area Map

WCPD - Street map1  West Covina PD -
                  Service Area 


San Pablo PD. Sergeants and above = 5" X 1". Officers 5" X 5/8".
click to enlarge...

Magnetic Organizational Chart for San Pablo PD 
SAN PABLO PD - Magnetic Org Chart.
Framed in black leather with silver fillet accent.  Printed and laminated matching slide-in names.
Magnatag "C" channel holders, laminated, washable backboard.  3/2014  for Mike Gancasz.

Department of Veteran's Affairs PD
Employee Recognition Presentation.

Interesting project incorporating magnetic, laser engraved nameplates with square and round printed magnets that symbolize different levels of achievement
in various areas.

Backboard was magnetic, printed with custom graphics,
laminated, and framed in black leather with a silver
accent fillet. 11/2013

Click imageto the left
to see the different card configuration options...

You can print the image on
an 8.5" X 11" paper to see the sizes.

Any configuration or additional
info can be added.
Barcodes, scancodes or any
other scanable code can be
See pricing page for pricing.

Brea PD / Black leather, silver fillet and custom graphics.

Org chart multiple panels

El Cerrito Magnetic Org Chart - Click to enlarge

Westminster PD - Area Command Presentation - 8' wall span.
Note*** Original graphic concept - Actual presentation still to be posted.
Westminister PD - Area Command Map Graphic
Magnetic Officer nameplates are 1"X10" CLICK TO ENLARGE

"C Holders" / Magnetic with photoshopped nameplates...Click to enlarge

The chart below for Pacific County Sheriff (Scott Johnson) is unique in that we are printing the slide in names and positions for him.
This allows the labels to be printed on high quality photo paper with incorporating the chrome and gold lettering, shadowing etc.
The set-up below shows the positions at 1" X 4" and the personnel names at 3/4" X 4". The positions will be gold and black
while the personnel will be chrome and black. Scott ordered his own Magnatag Holders and will use our inserts.
Pacific Co. Sheriff - Org Chart
see larger image here

Layout showing design with nameplates and positions.

See ACTUAL SIZE cross-section image here

These were the nameplates and positions used on the above chart. These slide into the C-Channel magnetis holders.
Click to Enlarge

These were also considered and were thought to "blend in" too much.
click to enlarge

The below is our "Generic Presentation" It is what the majority of you have requested.
This style features a very faint "GRID" that allows your MAGNATAG COLOR-CODED NAME/PLACEHOLDERS to be
aligned and stay straight. This design shows a police blue to black gradient, CHROMED LETTERING, a badge & patch combo
graphic, a large latent badge image and a department slogan.

larger image here
See with Z-Bar for front frame

36" X 58" Presentation before self-positioned magnetic holders.

sacramneto sheriff
larger image here

Irvine - Org Chart
larger image here

SGPD Org Chart - MAgnetic
larger image here

El Cerrito - Org Chart
34 X 60 with printed main headers and dry erase sections.
see design 1 see design 2 see design 3 see full size graphic

The options below show magnetic presentations with various amounts of permanently printed graphics.

Sacramento County Sheriff 's Air
30X48 Prototype / In Works

Air National Guard - Magnetic Shot Board
Air Natl. Guard /
See larger image here

This presentation was made before the possibility of magnetizing. As of now (1/2012) we can create boards like this
that utilize magnetic holders etc. The cards below are velcroed to the board, but now could have magnetic holders.
Also, notice that just the top portion has wording and graphics. The rest just has a horizontal grid allowing easier alignment.
See this 42" X 70" board without cards or headers here.

South Gate -
see larger image here

same room as above in SGPD before Organizational Chart...

Initial wall layout graphic. Presentation consists of 3 separate magnetic boards
with individual photo IDs that are pocket laminated (like your current ID cards) and have
magnets on the back for easy placement. Click to enlarge.

Nameplates / Laser Engraved...

Graphic showing front and back of nameplate or plaque.
These can be gold or silver with black lettering and pieces are sized correctly for your project.
Pricing is approximately $7 each at 3/4" X 4"

A C R Y L I C   P R O T E C T I V E   F R O N T...
This is an additional charge but does help keep the names in place
and keeps practical jokers from moving names around.
Click on images to enlarge...

Add-on Panel Strip....

We offer these plaques with two different types of outer frames...
STANDARD FRAME VERSION - Shallow frame without depth. Everything is "up front".
SHADOWBOX VERSION - Lined sides creating a recessed, dimensional look.
You can click the links to see the differences. You can also have a removable - interchangeable CENTER FRAME or just a graphic related to the plaque.

Other Accessory Items for your Magnetic Boards...
Click on items to go the applicable site(s). Use your back button to return here.

Magnatag - C Holders

2-Sided FlipOver Write-on Whiteboard Magnets Change lines of data fast and easy.
These are one of our most popular magnet styles. Move a full line ofwhiteboard scheduling data on one long
 2-Sided magnet Write on one side with a second write-on color on the reverse side. 5 magnet sizes. 4 color combinations.
 Use both damp and dry-erase pens and markers.

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