Plaque Options

This section shows examples of the "information title plaques" that are generally in the center of the shadowboxes
or other presentation.  There are basically 2 different types of plaques.
Computer Generated Plaques and Laser Engraved Plaques.
  Most of the these shown are the computer generated plaques. We use these on 90% of our projects.
They can include logos, graphics, seals, photos etc.  We also offer the laser engraved
plaques in gold, silver and other finishes.  Call for details...(800) 639-3726
Click on images to enlarge...


K-9 Section



rodriquez-pomona-swat.jpg   rodriguez-pomona-swat-plaque.jpg
Pomona PD Section    SWAT Section

rodriguez-pomona-plaque.jpg     merryman-plaque.jpg

  Sheriff's Section    Santa Monica PD Section

Fire Section

LAPD Section    Plaques Section

Chief's Section
Army Section


San Leandro PD Section     Motors Section

gold-laser-engraved.jpg   silver-laser-engraved.jpg


DAVIS / RIVERSIDE                                                                                            
davis-rcso.jpg   davis-plaque.jpg
  Sheriff Section

                Plaque Options Section


Police & Fire Games Section

LAPD Section

Army Plaque
Army Section

Tirre / Ontario PD Plaque from Badge Frame     
                   Ontario PD Section 

Hannon - Chicago PD   
                                                                                                                                            LAWA Section     

Motors Section

Hoppe - U.S. Army 
Army Section

Chino PD / Bussard plaque
Chino PD Section

Hanten / San Diego PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   
San Diego PD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

West Covina / SWAT Cumputer Plaque from Badge Frame

Police Chief Gary McMullen

          Computer Plaque from Badge Frame
CHP Section

Earl Moss - Computer Plaques
          from Badge Frame
  Navy Section

8/2016 new type of laser engraved plaques - now with photo capabilities.
Gresham PD - Valor Perpetual
          Plaque with laser engraved photos from Badge Frame 8/2016
Perpetual Plaque Section           Medals Section

churchfield, plaque, dispatch,
          badge frame
Dispatch Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section   Plaque Options Section 

Computer generated plaque with silver letters and black suede background.              Flag background / White shadow Lettering     
  Jack Benson Plaque for Badge
          Frame Shadowbox

Custom Sized Trapezoid.  8/2015       Gold front plate. Black back plate.
Plaque Options Section

  Navy Section here




CHP Computer Plaques.  Click to enlarge...


click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Click to enlarge...

A.R. Sweeney - Ca 

Computer Generated Plaques / N A V Y / Click to Enlarge...

M A R I N E S  / Click to Enlarge...

USMC - Webster Computer Plaque

Allen Plaque
larger image here

Customized computer generated plaque for a shadowbox.  5/2012
Love - West Covina PD - Computer Plaque

Burnt edges on large raised computer generated plaque...

Ontario PD - Fingerprint Book / Acrylic Box
see larger image here

South Gate PD K-9


These are "the new" thing.  We are using these on almost all of the latest projects because of the ability to
incorporate graphics. We can print  these plaques any size, and can use any artwork or graphic that is supplied.

Pomona Pd - K9 - LUNA

NYPD - LAPD Plaque


Freedland - Irvine SWAT

Doug Brenn - DMV INV


Garcia Plaque
See Garcia's custom collage  /  See Garcia's Career Showcase Presentation  / See Sheriff Section

Pat Thrashe r - Garden Grove PD

Bailey - Garden Grove PD

Another Garden Grove plaque showing 2 separate departments...
Gallardo -
            Garden Grove PD

USMC - Webster Computer Plaque


Barnes / CFD / Compton Fire Dept.

Kies - La Habra Police

Philadelphia Phillies Plaque

The trend is moving to more "custom-made for the piece" kinds of titles.
Below you will see some samples of plaques that have a background that MATCHES THE ART and some include reproduced signatures that really add some punch.

Halo Baseball Club

Neat story behind this one.  Two brothers are drafted and they tear a $2 bill in half that
is to be joined again upon their safe returns.  One was sent to Vietnam and the other to Alaska. 
Needless to say, all is well.  Their sister decided to frame it 1/6/07. 
A computer generated plaque was made by scanning the dollar paper and adding graphics.

vietnam / Alaska Reunion


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