Printed Backgrounds...

This page shows examples of printed backgrounds.  Backboards are usually a
solid color or a suede matboard.  The backgrounds here are photographically produced with
actual parts that are positioned into, and on top of, the design. Give a call with any questions! (800) 639-3726

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CHP Section

Federal Reserve PD Section

  Air Related Section

CHP Section

doylestown badge collection
Badge Collection Section

Police Shadowbox Section


Chino PD Section      SWAT Section            

K-9 Section           Santa Monica PD Section

"I need to be thanking you guys, This is my fourth project with your company, I am serious when I say,
 You have no idea how these retirement gifts affect the members of our department, it has brought some to tears.
I know of no other better gift to give! You guys and girls are highly detailed and extremely meticulous.
 You constantly work with ideas that I have to make it the best. Iím very impressed to say the least.
Iím working on a military one right now for the Air Force and I definitely will be back again and again.
Thank you for everything!"   Tirrell / CHP
CHP Section

maloney-cdcr.jpg     vega-cdcr.jpg
Corrections Section


Martinez - K9   ;     oxford - Gwinnett County PD.jpg

Acrylic Badge Block Framing
Hall - LAPD Acrylic Block Badges
LAPD Section

Brown - CDCR
Corrections Section

MUNOZ / RSCO Printed Background with actual items attached.
Sheriff's Section

Stoutsenberger / LAPD
LAPD Section       Police Shadowbox Section


KISSELL / CORONA                                                                                                
Actual coins, pin and ribbon on printed background                                                 ;                                   ;        
Kissell - DEA       National Police Week
Printed Backgrounds        Ontario PD     Sheriff      Corona PD         DEA         DOJ           Recognition Section

Wilson - USCG
USCG Section

Arnold - Chino PD Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section    Printed Background Section   Chino PD Section

Tom Wilson - Fire Chief
Fire Section

Includes printed background with 3 actual patches and coins
Rollie Ellis - CDCR
CDCR Section

Rustic double frame, printed background, printed sides with actual collar.  8/2018
Coon - Hunting and Tracking Dog
"Other Stuff" Section

Wilson / San Bernardino County Sheriff
Sheriff Section
San Diego PD - Original Jail Key
San Diego PD Section      Archive Section

Benjamin - State Park Service

K-9 Section

Stapp - Army
Army Section

Sheriff's Section

Peebles / Riverside County Sheriff / Baker 2 Vegas
B2V Section

   Carter / Riverside County Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
      Sheriff's Section


Shupe - Chp Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame.  Special thanks, Tirrell C. Hayes (CHP)
CHP / StateTrooper Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Location Presentation from Badge Frame 1/2018

Blue Line Flag framed with printed background from Badge Frame

Beyond awesome, powerful and exceeded all expectations.  Your work is unmatched. Thanks for all the hard work.
Captain Thgompson - Cal Fire presentation from Badge Frame 10/2017
Fire Section      Printed Backboard Section

  East Hanover PD / Baton Rouge PD Presentation from Badge Frame
Collage Section

Bill, I LOVE IT!!!!!   That is absolutely beautiful.  I am literally in tears.    It is perfect.  :)
The price is fine---well worth it for something that will be passed down from generation to generation.
Thank you so much.   It is gorgeous!!!!  - Linda
USN - Robinson Career Presentation from Badge Frame
Navy Section

          Badges and Seal from Badge Frame
Oversize badge & Patch Section           Veterans Affairs PD Section

Michael Jackson

   Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame for
          Freund - Riverside County Sheriff
  Sheriff Section

South Gate PD
          presentation from Badge Frame for Tony Pacheco     Rose Bowl
          presentation from Badge Frame - Printed Background with actual
South Gate Section   Recognition Section                                                                                                                          

CHP Recognition
          from Badge Frame for Captain Strull CHP Retirement     Oscars Presentation
          from Badge Frame
CHP/Trooper Section                     ;                                                                                                         

          Academy - Gonzalez Presentation from Badge Frame
Sheriff Section      Academy Section      Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Horton - Riverside
          County Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Flag Presentation Section               Sheriff Section

Imperial / Anaheim PD Recognition
          Presentation from Badge Frame
Recognition Section

Connor Fields Signed Jersey for ODI Grips
          Fields Jersey - ODI Grips Rio Gold
          Medal - Fields - Signed jersey from badge Frame 12/16 Connor
          Fields Signed jersey from Badge Frame 12-16
Other Layout Options Considered...

"Other Stuff" Section     Printed Backboard Section    Medals Section

Peru Mission Collage from Badge
Collage Section              "Other Stuff" Section

Garif - South Gate
          Lifetime Acheivement from Badge Frame
Lifetime Achievement Section   South Gate Section

32" X 19" Graphic Representation of the Presidential Medal of Valor for Donald Thompson
Thompson - LAPD -
          Presidential Medal of Valor Presentation from Badge Frame
Medals Section                                   LAPD Section

Joe Nichols Signed -
          X-treme Security presentation from Badge Frame 11-2016
"Other Stuff" Section

Wilhite - Riverside County
          Sheriff's Retirement Presetation from Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section

Badge Frame - Jason
          Cloke - Chino PD - Motors Sergeant Presentation
  Chino PD Section   Motors Section    Collage Section

Wedding Collage with
          invite - presentation from Badge Frame
"Other Stuff" Section

Downey PD - Baker 2 Vegas Framed
          Presentation from Badge Frame  Captain Steve Garza - Downey PD - Baker 2 Vegas
          presentation from Badge Frame
Baker 2 Vegas Section       E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Wedding Collage Shadowbox from
          Badge Frame
"Other Stuff" Section

K-9 Hondo and Partner Eric Bashford
          / El Montre PD presentation from Badge Frame
K-9 Section      El Monte PD Section 

Gardena PD, k9 duko and mcreynolds
          presentation from badge frame
              K-9 Section

U.S. Coast Guard K-9
          Presentation from Badge Frame
  K-9 Section    Coast Guard Section  

MPPD Badge History with
          printed backboard from Badge Frame  MPPD Badge History
Badge History Section        Archives Section 

San Bernardino County Sheriff's E.O.W. / Fallen layout / Background Options...
Printed Backgrounds with actual badges. 4/2016
San Bernardino County Sheriff /
          MacKay / E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame - graphic
          background options
Sheriff's Section                           E.O.W. Section                    Printed Background Section

Below... Combination of actual and graphic items. 2/2016

Sheriff's Section      Correctional Section

Stephenson -CHP Retirement
          Presentation from Badge Frame
"...we had a fantastic party on Saturday.  As soon as I get the photos, I will send them to you. Mark was
in total shock and couldn't believe it. Numerous people were viewing the box and taking photos of it and with it.
It was a special part of the night.  Thanks again for everything". -Tirrell

CHP Section

Sheriff's Section     Open Faced Section

                                  ;                                      Actual Metal Street Signs / procured by Vernon Police Chief
Patch Collections Section                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                  ;                      Congrats Richard from Badge Frame, Tigner and friends!



FPPD - First Vehicle Summons
larger image here       Archive Section here


EOW Section Here 

Reeves / Mountain Bike Medals
This piece featured a printed background that included his photos. Patches, medals and number sheets
were all raised and floated for an extra dimensional look. Framed in a satin black shadowbox with lined sides
that continued the image of the backboard.  6/2013

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