NOBODY can frame uniforms like Badge Frame.
We can frame any uniform with appropriate color schemes and include photos and other items to make a great display that will be cherished for generations to come!  This section shows some great examples of what we can do with your presentation.  Badge Frame custom cuts a form that fits inside your uniform helping it keep it's shape and stay looking great forever.

UPDATE:  As of 8/22/18 we are no longer shipping any
uniform presentations.  We have had MULTIPLE damage
issues with both Fed-Ex and UPS which no longer make it
a worthwhile product for us to continue with.
Uniform presentations will be pick-up only from our shop
in Chino, CA.


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foster-county-sheriff-2.jpg    foster-county-sheriff.jpg
Sheriff's Section             Archives Section

Police Shadowbox section


"Other Stuff Section"


     Police Shadowbox Section

Barrios / LAPD
LAPD Section                Police Shadowbox Section

Houser / USMC
Marines Section

Santa Monica PD Section     Police Shadowbox Section


Fenton US Army

Army Section          Uniform Section           Plaque Options Section

Stewart / Phoenix PD    
Air Related Section         Police Shadowbox Section 

SWETT - East Hanover Twnsp.
Uniform Section

Roger Stewart - LAPD Motors Jacket
LAPD Section        Motors Section

EOW / Fallen Section

Army Section
Uniform Section     Police Shadowbox Section

Fredo / LAPD Air Support Uniform
LAPD Section

Puchalski / U.S. Amry uniform    Her / Clovis PD

Redondo Beach PD T-Shirt presentation from Badge Frame
Sports Related Section

  Rosenthal / Fire
Fire Section

Rosenthal - Laong Beach PD Police Retirement presentation from Badge Frame
Long Beach Section    Police Shadowbox Section

Murray - USMC 
Marines Section

          Airforce Shadowbox from Badge Frame fro William Ryan
Air Force Section

District Attorney
          Shadowbox from Badge Frame for Montes - Santa Cruz County
DA Section      Police Shadowbox Section

Police Uniform Framed
          by Badge Frame for Peat from Cypress PD

Hodge - Clovis PD Retirment
          Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame        Corral -
          Watsonville PD

  Larry Wilson - Los Angels
              County Sheriff - Career Showcase Shadowbox from Badge

Navy Section

               Pomona PD Section          K-9 Section              Police Shadowboxes

                                                                                                                   E.O.W. / Fallen  Section           Sheriff's Section

Uniform Section here         Police Shadowboxes here

University Section here                                                     Army Section             Air Related Section    




   Westminster - original uniform Coronado PD - 1950's Uniform

D. Smith - Irwindale & Claremont   

  Lee - Rialto PD  Meyer - Riverside
click to enlarge
Meyer - Riverside PD 

Irvine PD - Tools of the Trade
larger image here

larger image here     Uniform Section here

larger image here

  Bartosik - Upland SWAT
larger image here     S.W.A.T. section here

Magdaleno - Manhattan Beach PD
larger image here

larger image here

Jeffery Taylor - Riverside PD E.O.W.

larger image here

VA - Port Police

Virginia Port Auhtority Police Department -
                Uniform Frming Options


Chief Bernard Parks Uniform

Elmore - CDCR

Carraway - UTICA PD - New York
see larger image here

Department of Defense Uniform

see larger image here

Parkinson - San Luis Obispo PD

see larger image here

Santa Ana PD - KABIA - Baker 2 Vegas

999 Ride - Stan

Larger Image Here

LAPHS - Jack Webb

Chief Gates
see larger image here

See larger image here

San Pablo PD - Uniform Framed
See larger image here...

Lyon - Dress Blues

Valenzueal - Dress Blues

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