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Our Display Pro Series features frames, cases and box display options for the do it yourselfer.
Badge, Coin and Knife Collectors are now able to display their wares professionally and easily with Display Pro.
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Display Pro Sign

The Display Pro Series is broken up into 3 sections. "The Basic" - "The Box" and "The Book."

The items pictured here are framed using #BP4, a satin black moulding.
All of our products are custom made in the U.S.A. and are unconditionally guaranteed, forever, period.
See additional frame options below.

#1  "THE BASIC"...
The Basic is the most versatile and economical of our display options. This display option allows you access to your items
by simply bending the flexi-points on the back of the frame. The glass and suede-lined sides all stay in place as the
backboard is removed for additions or changes to your display.   This style can be ordered for "pressure" or "velcro"
attachment. Any of our frames that do not begin with the letter "B" may be used for this display.  Note: Some knives are too thick
for this display option.  Please use "The Box" option below for larger pieces.

The Basic is $2.90 per United Inch (see Pricing Section below for figuring your cost)

#2 "THE BOX"...
The Box, an upgrade from The Basic, features a hinged and latched, two-part case that can be used with either "pressure"
or "velcro" attachment methods.  Only the frame numbers beginning with a "B" may be used for this display option.

The "Box" presentation is deep enough to hold even encased acrylic badges!

The Box is $5.25 per United Inch
(see Pricing Section below for figuring your cost)

#3 "THE BOOK"...
The Book, a Badge Frame exclusive, takes display to a whole new level.  Now you can display your collection with the
ability to remove items at your convenience, and view both sides of the badge while still in the frame.  This display consists
of a front hinged frame that houses the glass and allows access to the badges, a middle hinged box that houses the badges
on a clear acrylic sheet, and a back box which houses the suede backboard while hiding the screws that attach the entire
display to the wall. This option requires sending to Badge Frame the items you wish to include.  We install permanently
placed holders for your badges using your layout. The badges are shipped back separately and are easily installed by you
upon arrival. Only the frame numbers beginning with a "B" may be used for this display.

The Box is $8.90 per United Inch (see Pricing Section below for figuring your cost)

Already made / specific / pre-sized to fit.
Style #8  $97   -    Style #9  $111   -   Style #10  $104

Jones - CHP
CHP Personalized Presentation / Framed as shown $94 / $15 shipping

Frames commonly used for Badge Pro...

Methods for attaching your pieces to the backboard...

Velcro Attachment...
With this attachment option, removable velcro strips are attached to the back of the item and securely hold the items to the velcro compatible
backboard. It is our opinion that this attachment method is the safest and easiest for most of the items in your collection.

Pressure Attachment...
This attachment option relies solely on the pressure from the foam background to hold items in place by pressing them against the glass.
Mat borders are not suggested with this type of attachment. It is our opinion that more damage can result to the items by being pressed
against glass than being held with velcro from the back.
Specialized Attachment...
This option (used on "The Book" display) requires positioning your items on the acrylic middle section via special holders.
We recommend you allow Badge Frame install these holders on the acrylic using your diagram as a guide.

Here are sample badge displays with info on parts for each...

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