Badge Frame Graphics

As you can see by images on our website, and by actual product if you are a current customer,
Badge Frame graphics are 2nd to none.  Our graphics have played a huge role in the success of
our company and continue to break new ground each day with cutting edge improvements.
Most of our presentations initially require that you send us a physical badge and/or patch
so that we can image the items and manipulate them as needed in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
We spend many hours perfecting these graphics and do offer your agency the chance to purchase
these professionally enhanced images for unlimited use on business cards, stationary,
brochures, use on your web site, mugs, mouse pads, vehicle graphics, key chains, flooring, etc.

Seals $600   Badge/Patch Combos $700    Single Badges $500     Single Patches $300.

Should you wish to purchase these files, we will send you a CD containing different file types and different DPI
(dots per inch) versions of your images. Different presentations require different size files and file types. This purchase
provides a supply of multiple images for specific projects.  For instance, the files for your business cards will be different
 than the files provided for your website.  The purchase also entitles you to be able to call us and describe any file
needs not provided to you on your initial disc. We will also send you additional discs at your request should you lose,
misplace or accidentally destroy the originals.  Please note that you are purchasing raster files that can be used
 for printing and website purposes.  These are not vector files.
These raster files can be turned into a vector file by companies that provide that service.

See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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