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These are a great way to inspire and show your members you care about their progress.
The presentations can be magnetic so that names & info can be moved around or removed all together or
have a non-magnetic backboard with permanent stick-on plaques that you install as needed.
The ghost space holders make it easy to align and install your new plaques.
Additional plaques (that actually match your others) can easily be ordered via E-mail when the need arises.
Everything is custom here at Badge Frame and anything can be modified.  All pricing is based on sizing.
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Carbone Fitness 
Perpetual Plaque Section

Epic Fitness    Epic Fitness - Magnetic          members Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame     Epic Fitness

Perpetual Plaque Section  

EXOS Members Board Perpetual Plaque - 48 spaces / framed in black leather with silver accent fillet.
EXOS Members Board
          Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frane  EXOS Gym Members Board from Badge Frame
  Perpetual Plaque Section

Results Fitness - Perpetual Plaque

Epic Fitness - Magnetic
          members Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame     EXOS - Hall of Frame Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame

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