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Org Chart Section         Air Force Section

Medical Section

Army Section

Air Force Section

Printed Background Section

   Sidney & Florence Hill / Aviation          
Sidney and Florence Hill - Avaition    

San Bernardino County Sheriff Avaition Unit.jpg
Sheriff Section      Patch Collection Section

505th air squadron
Magnetic Org Chart Section           Air Force Section

"Yes...we received it and it looks great. We are currently working on printing names for the C-Channels.
Id love to send you a picture, but once it has the organization on it,
I am not allowed to share it for security reasons. You guys certainly do professional work. We are very happy with it.
134th ARW
Org Chart Section

Stewart / Phoenix PD    
Uniform Section           Police Shadowbox Section 

414 Combat Traing Squadron Org Charts
Magnetic Org Charts   Air Force Section

Valvo - Ontario Air Support
Ontario PD Section            Acrylic Box Related Section

East Hanover PD / USAF Presentation from Badge Frame
  Flag Presentation Section

Everman - U.S. Army / Air Forces presentation from Badge Frame
                  US Army Section

Mauro - Sonoma              County Sheriff framed by Badge Frame    Ontario Air Support

                presentation from Badge Frame

  140th Medical Group - Colorado National Guard -
                Magnetic Org Chart from Badge Frame

Magnetic Section


University Section here                                   Army Section             Air Related Section   


Muse - Region 1
            Air Support - El Monte PD  

Miller -

Air National
            Guard - Magnetic Shot Board

Ontario PD - Air Support

Afghanistan Mission Flag with cert

Piccione - U.S. Army - Air Forces

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Mercy Air 4 -

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