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Archive Section

Federal Reserve Section

        Badge Collection Section  Archive Section

 Archive Section       Patch Collection Section    Badge Collection Section


Medals Section

Badge Collection Section   Archive Section

Badge Collection Section     Archive Section    

     LAPD Detective Badge History from Badge
      Badge Collections   LAPD Section    Archive Section 

San Diego PD Badge History from Badge Frame
San Diego PD Section
El Segundo PD Badge History   El Cerrito PD - Historical Badges Presentation from Badge Frame

Irwindale PD Badge and Patch
Badge Collection Section    Patch Collection Section

Vernon PD Badge
              History Shadowbox from Badge Frame 8/2016
Badge Collection Section    Archives Section

Badge History
                    from Badge Frame, Murietta shadowboxes from Badge
Archive Section   Murrietta PD Section   Badge Collection Section

Santa Monica PD -
          Detective Badge History presentation from Badge Frame

MPPD Badge
          History with printed backboard from Badge Frame  MPPD Badge History
Printed Background Section             Archives Section 

Ontario PD -
          Badge History from Badge Frame
Ontario PD Section       Archive Section

Santa Monica PD - Badge History Presentation with back-lighted center badge, scalloped edge chief seal,
9 oversize glossy badges, blue gradient laminated background with graphics, black satin frame with silver fillet.
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Long Beach Section

Sheriff's Section


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Miles Pruitt - Chino PD     
Chief's Section here                                                              ;                     

Jimmy Smith -




Westm Covina PD Badges
Orange County Law Enforcement Badge Collection - Mike Hallinan / Irvine PD
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Orange County
          Law Enforcement Badgte Collection - Mike Hallinan / Irvine PD

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City of East San Diego!

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East San Diego Story here...

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La Habra PD Badges
larger image here

San Anselmo Badge Collection
San Anselmo Badge Collection

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see larger image here

Florham Park PD - History of
            Badges & Patches

Sun Badge - Trade Show Displays

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El Monte PD

El Monte PD
            Retirement Presentations


Twin Cities Badges

El Monte PD - Badge Collection

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