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Photographic Badges, Patches & Emblems

The oversized patches and badges are a great addition for any facility or personal collection.  We can make these custom badges any size (up to 46" X 80") and can personalize them with any requested information.  Initially, you will need to send us the actual badge or patch you would like to reproduce.  We will professionally  photograph the item and add our distinctive photoshop graphic talents to the item.  Your badge is mailed,  Fed-Ex'd or UPS'd back to you the next day. If you require overnight shipment back to you, you will be charged for this service.  This image is then printed, mounted and laminated, cut-out, sanded, framed (if applicable), packed and shipped ready for you to hang. 
Front finish options:
 Satin, Glossy Acrylic Front, or a combination of the two using our layered 3-D option.   These can also be back-lighted to add extra attention.

Pricing for all styles listed here are on our Pricing Page under "Sections I, J & K"...

Click on any image to enlarge...

Good representation of our satin & glossy acrylic front finishes.
Satin finishes are less expensive and are generally used for podium emblems and places where reflections may be a problem.
The glossy acrylic fronts have deeper, richer colors and are mostly used for wall applications.
Call us with ANY questions!  (909) 591-3033   (800) 639-3726
Podium Emblem Section

Dispatch Section


vallejo-patches.jpg        wcpd-detective-badge.jpg


Fire Section

Photo courtesy of Teal Metts / Glendale PD

Ontario PD Section


Irvine PD Section      Wall Lettering Section

"Just wanted to let you know that the CHPD badge, accreditation seal and shoulder emblem that you did for our department
all arrived in perfect condition yesterday morning!  We are just thrilled with the results of this project and are grateful to everyone there who
made this happen.  We have put in a “work order” to have them hung “professionally” on the entry wall at HQ for everyone to see as they enter the
secure area, and cannot wait to see the reactions!  So far, the officers who have seen them lying on the Chief’s conference table
(until they are hung) are very pleased, as is Chief Anspach.
   Again, our sincere thanks for doing such a great job in reproducing in large
scale that which we are
so honored to display.  Hopefully, we can do business with you again in the future."



Backlighted Section


Desert Hot Springs Section

LAPD Section     Emblems & Seals Section

ca-state-parole-agent-badge.jpg       katy-pd-badge.jpg


norfolk-podium-badge.jpg      redondo-chief-3-d-combo.jpg
Sheriff's Section    Podium Emblem Section

dhs-animal-care-combo.jpg     dhs-animal-care.jpg
dhs-chiefs-pp2.jpg     dhs-com-badge.jpg    dhs-lobby.jpg
Perpetual Plaque Section     Chief's Section    Desert Hot Springs Section     Communications / Dispatch Section

Communications / Dispatch Section        Desert Hot Springs Section

laverne-admin-letters.jpg      laverne-watch-commander.jpg
Wall Lettering Section

Backlighting Section

doj-san-diego3.jpg   doj-san-diego4.jpg
   doj-san-diego2.jpg    doj-san-diego1.jpg
DOJ Section     Wall Lettering Section

val-verde-patch.jpg        val-verde-patch-2.jpg
"Hello Shelley,  The sign turned out great thank you!"


Long Beach Section

University Section


DOWNEY / 50" Backlighted Combo


We installed the badges on the walls they look fantastic.  You guys always do excellent work.
You may get inquiries from other stations wanting the same thing. Thanks again
Sheriff's Section      Badge History Section     Archives Section




Chief's Section     Long Beach PD Section     Recognition Section   

Of the Year Section                San Pablo PD Section

Fire Section

doj-badge.jpg   doj-badges.jpg
DOJ Section


downey-patch.jpg    grapevine-badge.jpg    downey-badge.jpg




Wall Lettering Section

       Murrieta PD Section       Wall Lettering Section


Murrieta PD Section

long-branch-seal.jpg    district-1-fire.jpg
Oversize Badge & Patch Section    Fire Section


Chief's Section             Recognition Section

60" Glossy with blue backlighting 5/2021
            "We love our badge! It came out way better than I ever expected.
 I’ve attached a picture of it for you to see on our wall. "
Wall Lettering Section



  Sheriff Section

Recognition Section    Chief's Section




Wall Lettering Section

  U.S. Marshall's Section

E.O.W. Section

South Gate Section   

Sheriff's Section


murrirta-sgt-badge.jpg     novato-patch.jpg
Murrieta PD Section                           ;                                                                                                          
rcso-professional-standards.jpg    sierra-madre-combo-46in.jpg
Sheriff's Section                                                                                                                                    

CHP Section

sierra-madre-pd-communications.jpg    sgpd-narco-emblem.jpg
         Dispatch Section  South Gate Section  Emblems & Seals Section


campbell-combo2.jpg     clovis-combo.jpg



Chula Vista PD Section

CDCR Section    Emblems & Seals Section     Podium Section

murrieta-combo-2.jpg    driscoll-murrieta-pd.jpg
Murrieta PD Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

denver-pd-badge.jpg  murrieta-combo.jpg
                                                 ;                                                  Murrieta PD Section


  Mission Vision Values Section

University Section


CHP / State Trooper Section




Sheriff Section

state-parole-large-badge.jpg   gangs-66-large-patch.jpg

  Fire Section

large-beaumont-pd-badge.jpg      tustin-badge-backlighted.jpg


mountain-view-pd-1.jpg  mountain-view-pd-2.jpg



Sheriff Section

             Irvine PD Section

Sheriff's Section


      Pink Patch Section


homeland-sec-badge.jpg       pima-combo6.jpg

Fire Section

DANVILLE PD 32" Badge Reproduction
Danville PD 32" Badge

9" dimensional satin finish badge with graphic background framed
in glossy walnut with gold accent. 15X20 - 12/2018
Single Badge Section     Recognition Section

Werst Covina Fire Badge
  Fire Section

San Bernardino County Probabtion / Tori Cloke
Large Signs Section

Veteran's Affairs PD Podium Combo 
  Veteran's Affairs PD Combo
      VAPD Section

Covina Police Chief Curley and Lieutenant Gaumer with Badge Frame
dimensional badge and mission statement wall lettering.  8/30/18.
Covina PD Badge and Lettering
Lettering Section

  Darlington Co. Sheriff    Wildomar Patch
Sheriff Section

Costa Mesa Fire - Oversize Badge    La Verne FD - Badge Patch Combo
SWAT Section                                                               Fire Section                        

  Pima County Sheriff Combo
Sheriff Section
Fontana PD Reception
Fontana PD Section

Darlington County Badge & Patch
Sheriff Section

Placer County Sheriff
  Sheriff Section

Texas Tech University - Glossy Acrylic Front badge & patch 
  Oversize Badge & Patch Section
Supreme Court / State of NY

Union City PD - Oversize, backlighted, glossy acrylic badge from Badge Frame   
Desert Hot Springs PD - Animal Care 80" Badge Patch Combo from Badge Frame 1/2018

Palo Verde Nuclear Security Oversize Badges

Florence PD          45" Glossy Patch from Badge Frame    Florance PD - Oversized badge from Badge Frame
Chesterfield PD Lobby with oversize badge, patch and
          lettering from Badge Frame
Wall Lettering Section
Click on any image to enlarge...

          PD - Coin Reproductions from Badge Frame

Chesterfield PD - Oversize 3-D backlighted badge from
          Badge Frame      Long Beach PD - South
          Division Badge

          Badges and Seal from Badge Frame
Printed Backboard Section        Veterans Affairs PD Section

Beverly Hills PD 40" Badge from
          Badge Frame  Beverly
          Hills Police Department Oversize Patch from Badge Frame

Police Glossy Patch for Torrance
          PD from Badge Frame    Irvine PD Dispatch Badge

Vetrans Affaris PD 30" Badges from Badge Frame

Covina PD glossy, 3-D,
          Back-lighted Badge from Badger Frame.

Exeter PD Sergeant Badge/Patch
          Combo from Badge Frame     Oversize Chief Badge from Badge Frame for San Bernardino

Murrieta PD Badge from Badge Frame   San
          Bernardino Sheriff Oversize 47" Backlighted Badge from
          Badge Frame
Murrieta PD Section                   ;                                      ;                                    Sheriff's Section                          

          Academy - Gonzalez Presentation from Badge Frame
Sheriff Section      Academy Section      Printed Backboard Section    

ESPD Small
          Badge Patch Combo from Badge Frame  Robin Sells - Gresham PD Chief -
          Badge/Patch Combo from Badge Frame

Mount Olive PD Glossy 28" Patch
          from Badge Frame  Genesse County Exterior

Mount Olive PD -
          Glossy banners from Badge Frame
Signs Section

NEW for our backlighted versions...
Badge Frame - Remote Backlighting Dimmer
Backlighting Section

Long Beach PD - Oversize Badge from
          Badge Frame 10/2016
Long Beach PD Section

Davis County Sheriff Badge from
          Badge Frame for CCI 10/2016        Rodchester OD - Moxley - Custom
          Combo from Badge Frame
CCI Section   Sheriff's Section                                                                                                           
  West Covina PD 3-D Patch -
          55" with raised seal - Backlighted - from Badge Frame

U.S. Marshal Oversize Coin and
          Patch from Badge Frame
  Emblem Section

Modesto PD - Oversize badge and
          patch - Backlighted 8/2016

badge, patch, badgeframe     38" US Marshals badge
          from Badge Frame 8/2016
                                      Police Shadowboxes                                                              US Marshals Section              ;                                        

Baldwin Park School District
          Patch from Badge Frame 3/2016    parole patch reproduction, badge frame 

Union City PD - 36"
          Badge with backlight - 3/2016 from Badge Frame    Irvine Police
          Department - 50" Badge - Forensics Specialist
                                                              ;                               ;                     Irvine PD Section
 WCSD Combo / Special thanks Ashley Batchelder                                                                   
  Washington County Sheriff's 18"
          badge & patch combo from Badge Frame   RTG - Oversize 36" Badge

  Chumash Casino / Resort PD Combo
              from Badge Frame
Ethics / Missions / Visions                                                      ;                                ;                                  

Santa Monica PD - Badge History Presentation with back-lighted center badge, scalloped edge chief seal,
9 oversize glossy badges, blue gradient laminated background with graphics, black satin frame with silver fillet.
Badge History Section



                  Chief's Section                                       Oversize Badge & Patch Section  

Sign Section         Sign Index (different types)


Sheriff's Section here


Sheriff's Section here 

Awesome Seal & Badge presentation for South Pasadena PD - 7/2015
This piece features a 46" glossy seal and a 34" glossy badge with lighting inbetween the two layers.

Up to 30" San Rafael PD Memorial Badge Options...

Memorial / Black Band Badge Section here

Ontario Fire Department 30" Glossy "Welcome" badge for front counter area.
Ontario PD
          Front Counter Badge from Badge Frame  Ontario PD Font Counter Badge
Fire Section here

Banning 3-D Badge & Patch 61" span

3 layer star (all gloss layers)


Sheriff Section here

Badge & Patch Reproduction Section here


Shield and Dimensional Badge for CCI / Sheriff Edmunds / Summit County

Click on images to enlarge...

Click on any image to enlarge...


Butte County 24" Badge for Kory Honea

Patch made for Creative Culture Insignia.
CCI - Facebook     CCI Web site (under construction)

click images to enlarge...

Click on images to enlarge...

Brea PD - 60" 3-D Backlighted Badge / Adam Hawley

Sheriff Section here

San Leandro PD
                  - Lighted Badge

Fontana City Seal - 3D lighted 47" double layer.
Glossy front section, satin back section with lighting inbetween layers. 2/2014



click to enlarge


click to enlarge


click on images to enlarge


Click here to EM us concerning your project needs.
Another Badge Frame First!   3-D Backlighted Fontana PD 48" Badge.


Actual facility pics (click to enlarge)

LAPD - Robbery / Homicide 3-D Belt Buckle Presentation - Click images to enlarge...

Click on images to enlarge...

Brea PD - Sgt. Combo 

Click on images to enlarge

Corona Communications
                Oversize Badge  Corona Fire Patch   Corona Records -
                Oversize Badge


click to enlarge

The first 3-D Badge Frame Oversized Badge.  We continue to push the limits
on creativity with setting the new bar for badge reproductions!
3 layers... back (satin finish) banners and panels(glossy resin).  OUTSTANDING.
Thanks Danny Armas (WCPD) for the extra push.  Click images to enlarge.
3-D Badge   
click to enlarge

Actual Facility Installation...click to enlarge

Peace Officer Badge, Racine PD Patch and Corona PD Patch - Click to enlarge

San Diego County Sheriff's Museum
Larger Image Here

El Monte POA

Cal State Northridge / Traffic Safety / Winged Badge     -    Corona "Patrol" Glossy Seal
Click to enlarge...
Cal State Northridge - Winged

Click to enlarge
Eimen  Dept. of
            Veterans Affairs Badge 
click to enlarge
Irvine PD 50 inch Bdge    
Irvine badge 50"

Buena Park PD - Entryway
Badge/Patch/Emblem Combo with Separate sign graphic.

Fullerton Badge
          & Patch

San Luis Obispo Sheriff / Badge-Patch Combo   3/2013
San Juis Obispo Sheriff Badge Patch Combo

Click to Enlarge
Caledonia PD Badge  New Jersey Chief's of Police Accoc. Seal

  Irvine badge 50"  Texas A&M 40" Patch

Personalized Seals...
Click to Enlarge
Sab Bernardino PD - Kim Thompson Seal    
Chester Thompson -
                  Montclair PD Chief   
Seal & Emblem Section      Oversized Badge & Patch Section

18" Memorial Podium Seals / Click to Enlarge
Memorial Podium Seals 

click to enlarge
          12" Podium Seal  Springfiled PD 28"
          Patch Reproduction

Eureka PD  Newark
11/7/2012  "Got the badge and patch on Wednesday, they are awesome. Great detail.
Thanks for the excellent work.  They will go great with our classroom re-model."  Brian / Eureka PD

  Redwood PD Chief Seal

UCLA 42"
Palo Alto Oversized Badge  Motore - Arrow
Foley PD Podium Patch  Frank Oglesby - LAFD Detector San Pablo Patch

larger image here

Washington Co. Sheriff Combo
larger image here

Gordon - CHP
larger image here       Recognition Section Here      State Trooper Section Here      Oversize Badge and Patch Section here

LASD Explorer Emblem
larger image here          See our "Sheriff Section" section here

Lacey PD
large image here

larger image here

LA-city-fire emblem
See larger image here         See before and afters of logo/emblem


University of Georgia - Badge & Patch Boise
            State Broncos  U.S. Coast Guard

            State Northridge
El Cerrito Badge Reproduction Boise State Shield

Long Beach Coin  Irwindale combo

Glendora - 50" Combo

University of Idaho Emblems


U.S. marshal - MA Taskforce

click to enlarge...

Glendora 20" Badge    

Lompoc - 3 piece combo


El Cerrito FD Patch

Mike Olivieri - Pomona PD Combo

OCSD Badge/Patch Combo

Montclair Combo

O'Malley - Pomona PD

Patrick O'Malley Oversized Badges - Pomona PD

Oregon City PD - Badge & Patch

ElCerrito PD
          24" Patch

This is your badge - Colton PD
see larger image here...

Long Beach PD -

Irvine PD - Motors Seal

Irvine Badge and Patch 18"

U.S. Marshal Badge

Chino PD Badge

Terry Sisneros - Chief

Corona PD - Oversized badge and patch

Chino PD - SET Emblem

2011 Jack Webb Awards

LAPHS - Badge Combo and Museum Sign

Some of our other oversized pieces. Click on images to enlarge.


          Minnetonka ERU Patch Reproduction

Boulder County Coroner Badge

Manteca - PD Badge & Patch Reproductions

Shoot'in Newton - LAPD Badge/Patch combo

click to enlarge

Barstow Policen Officer Badge 51"

Laguna Beach PD - Badge/Patch Combo
see larger image here

See larger image here

Large Badge

Large Badge & Patch

Large Sheriff Badge

Orange PD - Wall


Marin County
See larger image here...

El Segundo Oversize Patch

Socorro Badge

Irvine Valley College

BART patch

Bruce Stewart - Thorton

CA Dept. of Corrections

Port Angeles badge & patch for Representative Mike Blackwell (Squad Room Emblems) Mike's number...(360) 417-3991

Clallam County
badge & patch for Representative Mike Blackwell (Squad Room Emblems)

Irvine PD Podium Patch for Mike Hallinan / Irvine PD 3/10
Irvine patch

Texas A&M Oversize Badge 3/10
Texas A&M Badge

South Gate PD - Combo

Welch- Youh Activities
see larger image here

Chavez / badge and sign
see other images here
I am lost for words. This is one of the most beautiful signs I have ever seen in my industry.
I and my wife are very proud and honored to have you design and articulate such exemplary skills of professionalism. Superb.
Thank you again. Gregory Jesus Chavez

Salt River Pima Maricopa Badges

Salt River Pima Maricopa

Fargo, ND

Salt River Patch Seal

NY Corrections -

Salt River Corrections
"Just received the work, OUTSTANDING!!" - William Daly / Salt River Corrections / 11-09

San Anselmo PD Patch

Jonesboro PD
22" Badge for Jonesboro PD

See pricing at bottom of page
Badge Patch Combo

See larger image here
"They are awesome, everyone keeps coming by to check them out. Everyone thinks they are the coolest thing!"
- Steve Garza / Downey PD / 12-09

Groves PD Badge

Elbert County
see larger image here
"I got them and they are just beautiful, the staff loves them." - Bill Frangis/ Elbert County Sheriff

see larger image here

LAPD Motor Officers Centennial

San Diego and Rialto

UCLA Patch

San Diego PD

LVPPACE and South
see larger image of LVPPACE badge here

San Pablo

Pima County Sheriff
See large Pima Patch here

Orange PD - Badge Reproductio9ns

Upland PD - Badge Reproductions

Garden Grove PD Shield

LAPPL - Eagle and Badge

Your custom product can have any badge number or name of your choice.

See actual quality full size of a 22" X 34" product here. Large file

LVPPACE Badge Plaque

Also see our "Wall & Podium Plaque Section"
San Pablo Room

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