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LAPD Section

Davis U.S. Navy
Navy Section

Torres / LAPD / 39 Years  
LAPD Section   Caricatures Section

Godfrey / Rowlett PD

Navarro - Pacifoc University School of Law -
              Customframing by Badge Frame

James Murray - LAPD Leadership
          Certificate from Badge Frame 10/2016

Bravery Award Presentation from
          Badge Frame  
Medals/Award Framing Section

Rhone - LAPD Year Pins and Certificate from Badge
LAPD Section

Stella / Sherman Block Leadership presentation
                    from Badge Frame
SLI Leadership

Danny Armas / West Covina PD / Certificates
  "Other Stuff" Section


Certificate Framing Section                  Medals Section

  Irvine PD Section                                                        



Warrant Promotion
U.S.M.C.  Warrant Promotion Frames...
Custom sized to fit!.  Just tell us the size of YOUR certificate!
 Glossy mahogany with gold accent, marine red suede top mat, gold fillet and choice of bottom accent color.
Warrant opening can vary as needed (opening shown is for 10x14 certificate).  Bottom opening for rank insignia.
   Flexi-points in the back so you can take apart and easily tape in your certificate.  Insignia  or pins will hold
by pushing them into the suede backboard. Packing and shipping is additional.
U.S.M.C. Warrant Frames
Larger Image Here

Afghanistan Mission Flag
            with cert
See more flag projects here

SEMA Press Release and Pen Presentation

David Singer - Certificates

These were intentionally laid out to fit as a wall grouping with 3" in between all frames. 
All framed in Black Leather with varied mat styles to keep the presentation interesting.

Mclean, Public

CSI Academy

South Gate POA

Upland certificate

The images below are from our company Baxter's Frame Works.  WWW.BaxtersFrameWorks.Com
Assorted diploma and certificate framing options are shown.


Here are several ways of framing your Certs, Diplomas or related projects.

Rivera - Graduation Presentation


Nice presentation that included embossed name under photo
Graduation                  Photos
3 in 1                  certs Alex                  Metzler Diploma

This piece has been framed in a walnut finished frame with the diploma, a ribbon and the student's picture all "raised and floated" off a black suede background. Spacers were used to keep the glass raised off the items.


This frame is specifically made to hold a 8.5" X 11" document or certificate.
It has an imported mahogany glossy lacquer frame with gold  accents, has 2" black acid-free suede mat
with an inner gold fillet and is ready for easy document insertion and hanging.
This is a custom made frame by Baxter's Frame Works and is not available anywhere else.

Versions without matting or any custom size are also available / EM with questions / requests.

Here's a big one.  Panorama school photo with Tassel & school medallion, framed in walnut burl.


"Senior Moment"
Here's a neat way to display some photos.
These photos have been "raised & floated" off a light backboard and then a "black-core"
top mat was cut to follow the design. "Ribbons" of mat board were used in the corners to accentuate the school colors.

Diploma with Ribbons & Medallions

This was a nice piece.  A diploma raised off black suede with the two ribbons and four openings cut out for medallions.  A tan marble mat was chosen for the top with a gold "fillet" used to accent the school seal.


Actual certificate made for OCSD
OCSD Certificate

Chino Institue for Men


CHP Cert.

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