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Medals Section

lapd-awards-2019.jpg  lapd-purple-heart-2019.jpg
  Recognition Section                                                                                                            

Caricature Section    Signing Mats Section


Police Shadowboxes Section

holguin-lapd.jpg    holguin-lapd-2.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section

Police Shadowboxes

  Police Shadowbox Section


ruedas-lapd2.jpg      ruedas-38.jpg

             Police Shadowbox Section

  GUTIERREZ / LAPD                                          RUEDAS / LAPD
gutierrez-lapd.jpg     ruedas-lapd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section                                                      Caricatures Section

carmona-lapd.jpg       jackson-lapd.jpg
  Police Shadowbox Section

Elmonte PD Section


McCullough / LAPD


Uniform Section
     BURNES / LAPD                                            HOYTE / LAPD
burns-lapd.jpg    hoyte-lapd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section

barling-lapd.jpg       padilla - lapd.jpg
  Police Shadowbox Section

 TY - L.A. City PD   rodriguez-lapd.jpg
Police Shadowbox Section

duarte-lapd.jpg     alvarez-lapd.jpg
Police Misc. Section

  Police Shadowbox Section

LAPD Chiefs Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaques Section    Chief's Section

 Single Badge Section

      Police Shadowbox Section

   Certificate Framing

  Police Shadowbox Section




Smith / LAPD
  LAPD Section  

 BUTLER / LAPD                                 HALL LAPD   
Butler LAPD      Hall - LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section

Hall - LAPD Acrylic Block Badges
Printed Backboard Section

Simmons - LAPD
E.O.W. Section


Police Shadowbox Section

Stoutsenberger / LAPD
Printed Backboard Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Barrios / LAPD
Uniform Section        Police Shadowbox Section

Police Standard Frame Section

Feldtz / LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section

Plaque Options Section

estrada - LAPD - Vernon PD  
Certificate Section

 Recognition Section

 LAPD Family Support Group
Recognition Section

LAPD Medals of Valor 2018
Medals Section

Willaims / LAPD
  Police Shadowbox Section

Sotos - LAPD Dispatch
Dispatch Section

LAPD POLICEMAN Badge noumber 22
Single Badge Section        Archive Section

Payne / LAPD

Payne / LAPD Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section

Hallinan / Irvine
Mike has been coordinating projects with Badge Frame for many years.  He is moving on to UCI for the next
chapter of his career.  This presentation includes a portion of his mementos from LAPD, LASD and Irvine PD.
Irvine PD Section       Sheriff's Section     Police Shadowboxes Section

All past Chiefs from LAPD.
Made for Charlie Beck 2018.
  LAPD Chiefs
Chief's Section

Torres / LAPD / 39 Years  
Caricatures Section    Certificate Framing Section 

 Gamble - LAPD Retirement     
LAPD Section      Police Shadowboxes Section   

Mooring / LAPD
Acrylic Box Section

      Magee / PALD
  Police Shadowboxes

Deronn Scott - LAPD     Deronn Scott Medals
  Police Standard Frames Section                                                             Medals Section
Tavares / LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section

Rivers / LAPD Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section
  Eagleson - LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section  

  LAPD Challenge Coins - Roger Stewart   Whittaker / LAPD
                                                                                                               Police Shadowbox Section

Roger Stewart / LAPD Retirement Presentation
Motors Section           Police Shadowbox Section

Cottle - LAPD - E.O.W.
E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Special thanks!  Sara Faden / LAPD
Beck - LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section   Chief's Section

LAPD / Detective Time-Line Devonshire Project
Click here to see the entire project

Roger Stewart - LAPD Motors Jacket
Uniforms Section    Motors Section

  West - LAPD Riots
          Collage Section

Scott - LAPD Basketball  
World Games Section   Collage Section

Zuniga / LAPD      
Other Police Agencies Shadowboxes

     LAPD Detective Badge History from Badge Frame
          Badge Collections       Archive Section    Badge History Section

Patton / LPAD

Torres / LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section

Quijano / LAPD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section

Fredo / LAPD Air Support Uniform
Uniform Section

  Kraus / LAPD Police Shadowbox
Police Shadowboxes Section

BART PD - Shipley Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame

Agnew / LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes Section
Smith / LAPD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section
 Bowler /LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section

Kenney / LAPD Retirement from Badge Frame

Herman / LAPD commendation and photo from Badge Frame

Barker / LAPD police retirement shadowbox from Badge Frame

Badge Frame is honored to be the provider of this year's LAPD's Preservation of Life,
Purple Heart and Medal for Valor Awards. Congratulations to ALL this year's recipients!

Special thanks: Officer Nguyet Amancio / Community Relationship Division / Special Events Los Angeles Police Department.
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LAPD - Preservation of Life Awards from Badge Frame 2017  LAPD - Medal for Valor presentations from Badge Frame 2017  LAPD Purple Heart Awards from Badge Frame 2017
  Medals Section

  LAPD - Braudrick Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes Section

Rubinfeld / LAPD Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame      Baker / LAPD - Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
 Police Shadowbox Section

McGill -
          Newport Beach PD & LAPD Police Retirement Shadowbox from
          Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section

LAPD Police
          Shadowbox for Cryer from Badsge Frame

          Gabriela Lopez Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

  LAPD Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame for Smith.
 Police Shadowboxes Section     

Findley - LAPD

LAPD Shadowbox
          From Badge Frame for Sargent
  Police Shadowboxes

LAPD Police
          Shadowbox from Badge Frame for Losorelli 
  Police Shadowbox Section

   LAPD - LAWA Shadowbox from Badge Frame
LAWA Section 

LAPD Police
          Shadowbox for Baeza fromBadge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section

Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame for
          Schweitzer - LAPD
Police Shadowbox Section

Cudio - LAPD Retirement
          Presentation from Badge Frame

Smitson - LAPD
          Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section

Cudia - LAPD Police Retirement
          Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes Section

          Thompson - Presidentail Medal of Valor Presentation form Badge
          Frame 12-2016

32" X 19" Graphic Representation of the Presidential Medal of Valor for Donald Thompson
Thompson - LAPD -
          Presidential Medal of Valor Presentation from Badge Frame
Medals Section                  Printed Backboard Section

Lawrence - LAPD
Academy Section

Richard Arciniega - LAPD
          Memoribilia from Badge Frame

Salinaz - LAPD Retirement
          Presentation from Badge Frame

Bobo - LAPD - LA Port PD - LA Airport
          PD Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame 10/2106
LAWA Section            Police Shadowboxes Section

James Murray - LAPD Leadership
          Certificate from Badge Frame 10/2016
SLI Section            

Arceniega - LAPD Police
          Retirement Career Shadowbox from Badge Frame   Martinez - LAPD Police
          Reirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Richard Arciniega -
          LAPD - LA Riots Open Face presentation from Badge Frame
Open Face Section

Arciniega - LAPD
                    gold card frame from Badge Frame  Rhone - LAPD Year Pins and Certificate
                          from Badge Frame  
   Gold Card Section                        Certificate Framing 

Byron Barnes LAPD P3, Touch
          Screen Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame 6/2016
Police Shadowbox Section           Electronic Shadowboxes     Watch YOUTUBE VIDEO 
Touch-screen Police
          Shadowbox font screen options for Byron Barnes - LAPD from
          Badge Frame

Walters -
          LAPD MotorCop presentation from Badge Frame
  LAPD Section    Motors Section

  Police Shadowbox Section

  Don Thompson
          LAPD Flag 2016 from Badge Frame
  Flag Section

dispatch, police projects, lapd, badge frame 
    Dispatch Section   Police Projects Section

LAPD, Badge Frame  LAPD - John Hunt Police Retirment
          Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Ruiz - LAPD Retirement Career
          Shadowbox from Badge Frame         riley,
          lapd, badge frame 
Police Shadowbox Secction

  Aguirre - LAPD   Hernandez - LAPD - Big City
                  Motor Cop from Badge Frame

Outstanding presentation for Jim Tigner (La Habra PD) and Kate Adams (Sacramento Co. Sheriff).
Presentation features 2 glossy dimensional emblems and coins (front and back).
 LAPD Leadership
          Plaque from Badge Frame   LAPD Leadership Program
          Presentation 3/2016

   Estrada - LAPD

Medals Section


Police Shadowbox Section                              Promotion Section                   

  Flag Box Section

 All Agencies / Police Shadowbox Section

Police Shadowbox Section

see larger image here

LAPD - Robbery / Homicide 3-D Belt Buckle Presentation - Click images to enlarge...

Hi Bill:
My Mom receives The Thin Blue Line and I enjoy reading it.
What a surprise to see my Dad's shadowbox displayed in your Ad on page 19 of the December issue.
That's quite an honor. The shadowbox is on display at my Mother's home. She was put to tears when she first saw it.
Your shadowboxes are truly great works of art!   Sincerely, Robert Loomis, Jr.

Police Shadowbox Section

                                                                                                Police & Fire Games    Medals Section


Police Misc. Section                       Dispatch/Communications Section                   Police Shadowboxes Section

             Academy Section here                                                                                                    

Police Shadowbox Section here





2011 Jack Webb Awards


LAPHS - Museum Sign and Badge Combo

      Dunkin -

   Lizarraga - LAPD - Dedication


Shoot'in Newton -
                                LAPD Badge/Patch combo  

see larger image here

      Rosenberg - Lapd  


                  - LAPD  

     Feliciano - LAPD

Vargas -


Rosalind Matthews - LAPD

Pistol club

Janet Penna - LAPD

Roupoli - LAPD Deputy Chief

Graff - LAPD

Sanchez & Bernal - LAPD


   Carrillo - LPAD   Rivas - LAPD
          lapd   DeSha - LAPD   Moreno - LAPD
Fleming - LAPD   Beth
          Hicks - LAPD   Chevolek - LAPD
Rakitis - LAPD   Sullivan - LAPD   Roth - LAPD
Sullivan - LAPD   Velasquez - LPD   Stalker - LAPD
Navarro - LPAD   Pepper
          Rivera - LADP  
      Seaquist - LAPD
Escato - LAPD     
Nichols - LAPD     
   LPAD Bjorklund   Depweg
          - LAPD
    Mike Hallinan - LAPD   Comparetto - LADP Shadowbox
Police Shadowbox -LAPD - Carter   Hunt -
   Turner- LAPD   Cremins
Phillips   Burris - LAPD  
Saldana - LAPD   Le Melle - LAPD   SATO - LAPD
HAUCK / LAPD   Romo - LAPD   Bennett - LAPD
Ayala - LAPD     
McNamara   MOSHER - LAPD   McDonnell
 Malinka - LAPD   Buck   BigRigg - LAPD
Zibli - LPAD   Matthews - LAPD   Priebe LAPD
Dedmon-LAPD   DeWitt / LAPD   Fletcher
Chief Bratton - LAPD   Curreri   Henkle
Bauchman   Washburn - LAPD   Koven /
  Berchem / LAPD   Kriha-
Schultz - LAPD   John
          D. Fletcher / LAPD - 35 years   Prideaux - LAPD
   Espinoza / LAPD   DeWitt / LAPD
Zer Gonzales / LAPD   Gollaz / LAPD   Hartwell - LAPD
Hodges - LAPD   Longacre   Geggie / LAPD
DeCourdres / Lapd   Franco / LAPD   Nalywaiko
MARSH / LAPD   Rico / LAPD   Brennan / LAPD

Clark John   Reyna   Ruiz /
Partridge   Forman / LAPD   Bill
Grayson - LAPD   Lemos   Wehage / LAPD
Haro /   Booker / LAPD   Salazar / LAPD
   Holroyd   Baclit / Brea PD  
O'Hanian   Avila   Varner / LAPD
Badge Frame / LAPD   Badge Frame /   Romero / LAPD
Coblentz   David Harris / LAPD   Brian Penfold  
   Badge Frame /

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