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                  - Irvine PD
Davis - Irvine PD
Like -
Boggs -
                  Irvine PD Nelson -
                  Irvine PD Police
                  - SWAT Shadowbax
Gibbs -
                  Irvine PD Pagano Freedland - Irvine S.W.A.T.
                  - Irvine PD Jerry Head
                  - Irvine PD

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Long Beach Section      Dispatcher Section


     Police Misc. Section

            Police Shadowbox Section        

   Swat Section  

I canít thank you enough for coming to my retirement ceremony. It was such a special day for me and it meant a
lot that you took the time out of your day to be there. You both are such great people and I am truly blessed to call you friends.
 My shadow box is one of a kind and I have received so many comments on it. It is truly a piece of art and the work you do in
capturing peoples careers is nothing but remarkable. You guys are the best!!  Sincerely, Mike
 Hallinan / Irvine
Mike has been coordinating projects with Badge Frame for many years.  He is moving on to UCI for the next
chapter of his career.  This presentation includes a portion of his mementos from LAPD, LASD and Irvine PD.
  LAPD Section       Sheriff's Section     Police Shadowboxes Section

Condon - Irvine PD
Police Shadowbox Section
LandmaN / Irvine PD
Police Standard Frames Section

Peasley / Irvine PD Dispatcher Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Dispatch Section

Brannon - Irvine Police Department

Allan / Irvine and Indio PD
Police Shadowboxes

Jung / Irvine PD

Gielish / Irvine PD
Police Shadowbox Section

Anderson - Irvine PD Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Bob Landmand / Irvine
Fallen/ E.O.W. Section      Irvine PD Section

Irvine - Dispatcher Seal from Badge Frame     Irvine PD Dispatch Badge
              Emblems & Seals Section                                                                           Oversize Badge & Patch Section     

Irvine PD - Mike Hallinan          Life Saving Medals from Badge Frame
Medals Section

Printed Background Section

Irvine Police Department -
          Perpetual Plaque will with lettering from Badge Frame 9/2016
Perpetual Plaque Section       Lettering Section

Electronic Screen
          Shadowbox - Irvine PD - Mike Hallinan Presentation from Badge
Electronic Screen Presentations               Police Shadowbox Section          SEE VIDEO HERE

irvine, police, badge frame
Police Section

Donna Tarr - Irvine PD  Fleischer - Irvine PD
              Dispatcher Career Shadowbox Presentation from Badge Frame
Dispatcher Section  Police Shadowbox Section

  Irvine Police
          Department - 50" Badge - Forensics Specialist
Badge & Patch Reproductions

  Chief's Section



                                                                                           Framed Certificates Section

K-9 Section here

Police Shadowboxes Section
Irvine PD - Unit Commendation   



Police Shadowboxes here      University Section here    Cut-out Badges & Patches here

Glossy, Backlighted, Scalloped Edge, 47" Irvine PD Investigations Seal.

Emblems and Seal Section Here 
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S. Davis / Irvine PD   


Larger image here 

CHP Captain House
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Irvine badge 50"  Irvine PD 50 inch Bdge

Aninag - Irvine
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Irvine PD - Tools of the Trade
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Noble - Irvine PD
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Mike Hallinan - Irvine PD

Acrylic Sandwich
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Irvine  & Police are embossed into blue suede mat.  12X14 I.D.

Baker - Irvine PD
Dates embossed into blue suede

Mike Hallinan in chicken suit

Monroe - Irvine SWAT

Condon - Irvine SWAT

Davis - Irvine SWAT

Anthony - Irvine PD

Chris Torres

James Backus

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Irvine PD -
              Recognition Presentations

Bob Landman - Irvine PD

Irvine PD - Coin Collections

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Condon - Irvine PD

Irvine PD - SWAT -
see larger image here

Irvine patch

Irvine PD - Motors Seal

Irvine Badge and Patch 18"

SWAT SILVER #1 - Organization on top
SWAT SILVER #2 - Name on top SWAT SILVER #3 - Name on top SWAT SILVER #4 - Organization on top

See larger image here  -  26 x 6 x 8

Lawenence - Irvine

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Mike Hallinan - LAPD
see larger image here

Iirvine PD Presentation
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Hallinan - Badge Rank Presentation


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Mission Statement -
            Irvine Police Department

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