Baxter's Frame Works and Badge Frame Inc. frames ANYTHING you can come up with.
Here are some examples. To see more of our "other than Badge Frame" projects,
check out these links...



lett-football.jpg Sports Related Section

Judge & Court Section


Acrylic Box Section

Antique Pistols / Framed 10/2020


Sports Related Section

Sports Related Section


Flag Section


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Sports Related Section







Acrylic Box Section

Owner / Erine Paderez / X-treme Security



kelley-dhspd.jpg disneyland-opening-day.jpg
Recognition Section
Sports Related Section  

FIGONE / ROD & GUN CLUB figone-pacific-rod-and-gun-club.jpg
"Other Stuff" Section

roger-stewart-hat-2.jpg  roger-stewart-hat.jpg


pokemon.jpg million-dollor-bond.jpg
Certificates Section

Hawaii-Five-0 / Framed photo and badge. $180ea.
hawaii-five-0-badge.jpg hawaii-five-0.jpg hawaii-5-0-plaque.jpg

hsieh-bullet.jpg hsieh-bullet-2.jpg

Koa Section

Sports Related Section            "Other Stuff" Section



Uniform Section






Arcadia PD Transport

Arcadia PD


Printed Background with actual items attached....12/2018

Dana Hall Scoold Emblem     RBPD Versey
Podium Emblem Section                  Sports Related Section   Uniform Section

1988 World Series
Sports Related Section

Convex Glass and custom oval frame

Rustic double frame, printed background, printed sides with actual collar.  8/2018

Coon - Hunting and Tracking Dog
Printed Background Section

Kiff / Newport Beach City Manager

Cooksey / KOA
Bill - it turned out truly AMAZING!!!   It is 100 times better than the proof even was.
We gave it to our son last night and he was almost speechless.
Thank you so much for doing such an amazing, creative job!!!!!  Tammy and I could not be happier.  
We will be in touch next year when I retire and itís time for my career shadow box.  👍🏻
Soccer - Ramsey
  Sports Related Section        Printed Backboards Section

USA Women's Hockey
Sports Related Section

Acrylic Box Projects Section

Major League Baseball / Monopoly

Custom framed
Sports Related Section   Golf Related Section

Arizona University Presentation from Badge Frame


Vegas Hockey
 from Badge Frame

Holy Redeemer Church Emblem
Wall Emblems Section

Saratoga HS Podium Emblem from Badge Frame Pearl Harbor Anniversary

Cypress PD Archive Car Door
 Emblem presentation from Badge Frame

First Responder Custom Belt Buckle

Southport HS -
 Student of the Month from Badge Frame  
Perpetual Plaque Section

Mark Christopher Auto Center / Signing Mat from Badge Frame Let It Be Foundation and NFI t-shirts framed by Badge Frame
Signing Mat Section Sports Related Section

   Disneyland Brail Park Map - 
Framed by Badge Frame


Acrylic Box for boxing glove from Badge Frame
Acrylic box projects

Michael Jackson

E.O.W. / Fallen L.A. Lifeguard Presentation from
 Badge Frame for Godino

Miracle Worker raise & Foat from Badge Frame

South Pointe Middle School - Teacher of the Year Prepetual Plaque 
from Badge Frame 1/2017

Hernandez / Spartans Football presentation from Badge Frame

LA RAMS presentation from Badge Frame

Corey Miller Poster framed by Badge Frame

Thayer - Hole in One presentation from Badge Frame

Connor Fields Signed Jersey for ODI Grips
Connor Fields Jersey - ODI Grips Rio Gold Medal - Fields - Signed jersey from badge Frame 12/16 Connor Fields Signed jersey from Badge Frame 12-16
Other Layout Options Considered...

Printed Backboard Section     Medals Section

Pole Mount for plaques from Badge Frame

Peru Mission Collage from Badge Frame
Collage Section         Printed Backgrounds     

Joe Nichols Signed - X-treme Security presentation from Badge Frame 11-2016
Printed Backboard Section X-treme Security Section

"Other Stuff" Section

Sparkes - Belt Buckles

I.R.C. First Responders 2015 framed presentation form Badge Frame

Brian Johnson - LAPD - Moving the Endeavour presentation from Badge Frame

Baseball Pins Map from Badge Frame

Pacquiao Signed Glove with Acrylic Box from Badge Frame
Acrylic Box Section

Flit - pesticide poster from Badge Frame  Hulbert / University of Oregon -
 Framing by Badge Frame 9-2016

Wedding Collage with invite -
 presentation from Badge Frame   Shrine Football presentation from Badge Frame
Printed Background Section

Robertson - Master of Public Administration

Camino de Santiago collage from Badge Frame  Casmino de Santiago collage from Badge Frame
Camino de Santiago Collage

Mohave Electronic Screen Shadowbox from Badge Frame 8/2016
Electronic Screens Section

Framed Wedding Invite from Badge Frame

Flit Soldiers 
Sheet Music with Lyrics  Moth-ene Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Wedding Collage Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Printed Backboard Section

recognition plaques, badge frame, police Other by Badge Frame, Precious
 metals from Badge Frame

other, badge frame, alex morgan, us soccer  alex morgan, soccer, badge frame, sports

Badge Frame, Football, Sports Shadowboxes Badge Frame, Tennis, CIF

Badge Frame, Kansas State Prison, Laser Engraved Plaque
Archives Section

Jersey Shadowboxes,
 Badge Frame, Sports

Blackwater, badge frame holy redeemer, badge frame, emblems and seals
Emblems Seals Section

Actual Scale of Justice presentation for McNicholas & McNicholas 3/2016.
Scales were cut in half by a machine shop and framed floated off black suede.  Special thanks Danielle Wells.
"We made the lobby!! The entire firm said it was gorgeous!"
McNicholas Law Firm - Scales of Justice from Badge Frame


Danny Armas / West Covina PD / Certificates
Certificates Section

Stewart / Pro Motocross / Signed Jersey

Phil Miller - The SAE - Charlotte's  Web Shirt

Certificate Framing Section

Baxter's Golf Related Section here

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Congrats Bill Beattie / ATCO Raceway
Photoshopped background and reciept of "The Perfect Race"  2 background options shown.

10X13 Black Plaque Versions      Recognition Section here



I just returned home from a trip to Florida and as expected my badge frame Momento arrived!   
I am one of those people who almost always is disappointed and rarely are my expectations exceeded. I have to tell you without
question and you can quote me on this... I was blown away when I saw how fantastic my momento looked. 
Thanks very much, Marc

6 Layer Koa/Liner/Fillet Stack 11/2014 for Bruce & Rose Cooksey

Thank you so much for the excellent job you guys did on framing our picture.
Had it not been for your quality of workmanship the attached pictures would not have been possible.

Colorful Needlework with double frame. 10/2014

Chino Valley Medical Center Governing Board Presentation.
6 changeable frames velcro attached to a photographic laminated background.  11/2014

This piece was a wedding collage made up of printed and actual items. 60" X 34"
Left: completed piece   Right: Printed background only.

Clayton Manufacturing Shadowbox
Clayton Manufacturing




Baxter' Frame Works Website / Sports Related Section here

A "Robin Hood".  "...a bullseye with another arrow direct hit, splitting or entering the first arrow"
Framed for Bob King 4/2014 / Baxter's Frame Works & Badge Frame. Actual "Open Faced" arrow presentation.
"Open Faced" Section here

Denis Paul - Diamond Bar High School -
 Jockey Jersey

click to enlarge

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Then Deputy Chief Charile Beck... Framed giant cookie from cake!

Karl Reiter / Don Lugo - Championship Ring Presentation.

Reeves / Mountain Bike Medals
This piece featured a printed background that included his photos. Patches, medals and number sheets
were all raised and floated for an extra dimensional look. Framed in a satin black shadowbox with lined sides
that continued the image of the backboard. 6/2013
click to enlarge...

click to enlarge

Buck Wilds - T Shirt Display
larger image here

"Gallery Wrap" canvas print...
San Leandro - Gallery Wrap

Masks in Acrylic Boxes

larger image here

Acrylic Float
larger image here

Justin Hayworth
Larger Image Here "Other Stuff" section here

Glendora PD
larger image here

Cival War Antique Pistol
larger image here

click to enlarge...
K.C. The one eyed dog...

Larger image here

San Leanndro - Gallery Wraped Canvas

Anything can be done here at Badge Frame. Just give us a call. (800) 639-3726

Bill Bass


SEMA Press Release and Pen Presentation

Obama Napkin - LASD Presentation

Boxing Glove

Table Banner

Badge Collections

Bill Longcare - Detective of the Year Article

VARA - Vintage Auto Racing Assoc.
See larger image here...
VARA - Vintage Auto Racing Assoc. actual gloves of driver and past president of VARA Pat Kneip.

Longacre -Treasure


click to enlarge

larger image here

Lady of Guadalupe

WTT - World's Toughest Triathalon

Cabbage Patch

leggos portrait

MIchael Jackson

Dave & Holly Grimes

Special Olympics Medals

Birrell -
see larger image here

Betty Zane

Lori Earley - Regret


Monopoly - Superman Retu1rns

Snoop Dogg / Football league

Obama / framed

Albums framed for Danny Boyd - Celebrity Dreams - San Diego

Steve Bos / Fair Oaks

Scrabble framed



click here to view close-up

Employee of the Month / Year

American Iron            Motorcycle Magazine

Signed Guitars in Acrylic Boxes

John Grey / Horse

Mike Orduno /Havasu Casino

Antique Cival War Pistol and other items.  9/2012
Cival War Antique Pistol

Floater Frame

Santa Clothes

Walt Disney Signed "Opening Day - Give-Away" prints / opening day of Disneyland!!!
Definitely not give-aways today.  WOW.
Walt Disney Signed Pieces

Neat story behind this one.  Two brothers are drafted and the tear a $2 bill in half that
is to be joined again upon their safe returns.  One was sent to Vietnam and the other to Alaska. 
Needless to say, all is well.  Their sister decided to frame it 1/6/07. 
A computer generated plaque was made by scanning the dollar paper and adding graphics.

vietnam / Alaska Reunion

mask in acrylic box

ac delco drag racing

Dolphins with double acrylic

Halo Baseball Club

double acrylic

mighty ducks collage

four tops

Melanie Taylor Kent / Columbus

papyrus framing

Gary Souza / Macys fireworks
Gary Souza / Macy's Fireworks show 2000

Harley Ties

Deckeled edge / watercolor

Marine Flag Shadowbox

Endeavor Yacht


Dreds and Braids

Kenya - Kikuyu Village

Bat Mitzvha invite

girl scout poster

motorcycle, the love machine

oriental silk

Matchbook Collection

Tapestry / Weaving

Triple Stack Framed Horse

Overhead Line Construction manual

Christening Gown Set

Harley Shadowbox


Antique Maps of France
These pieces were raised, floated and
incorporated "burnt edges" to enhance their antique quality.

Here's something I bet you've never seen before !!!

A real true to life...


And how about this... A letter to the tooth fairy, and of course...the tooth.

96 pieces in this double framed design.

Satin black outer frame with a brushed
chrome frame inside.  

Dried flowers from a dance recital bouquet.
Photo was raised & floated and a spacer was utilized to not "smash" flowers.

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper album raised off a backboard and held on with "Mighty Mounts".  These holders allow the item
to be held WITHOUT any adhesive that could
possibly cause damage.
click here to see mighty mounts close-up


Hair Net Collection

These were intentionally laid out to fit as a wall grouping with 3" in between all frames. 
All framed in Black Leather with varied mat styles to keep the presentation interesting.

Triple Stacked Frame

See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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