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End of Watch and Fallen Hero
Projects from Badge Frame Inc.

Our way of showing our appreciation...
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  Recognition Section        Military Service Walls

JUNE / ASBURY PARK / 11-2021
Uniforms Section

Corrections Section

Murrieta PD Section

Sheriff's Section

Plaque Section


Thank you. My husband's fellow officers gifted me and our sons a beautiful uniform shadow box made by your staff.
My husband is Officer Jesus A. Castillo. We proudly have it displayed in our home.  It is perfect.
We miss him very much.  With Gratitude,  The Family of Officer J. A. Castillo

Uniform Section

Police Shadowbox Section

Flag Presentation Section

Archive Section

beltran Riverside County Probabtion

30X21 Satin black frame with gold filet accent.  11/2020
Medals Section

K-9 Section                Printed Background Section

Pomona PD Section

 San Pablo Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

All, Yesterday would have been Sergeant Gallo's 58th birthday. 
My family presented the shadow box to his spouse. Needless to say many tears were shed.
Your workmanship and incredible care in constructing the box is greatly appreciated. 
Without question this is the nicest shadow box I have ever seen and we have received similar comments from
many that have looked at it. One person appropriately described it as "a work of art" - I wholeheartedly agree.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness in preparing this special gift for us. Sergeant Gallo's memory lives on with us -
in part - due to your care and professional approach to the design and completion of this work of art.
Please share this with your staff and stay safe.  Christopher Satriale, Chief of Police, Bronxville Police Department 
Police Shadowbox Section

Ontario PD Section

Printed Background Section

riley-smpd-eow.jpg    riley-2-smpd-eow.jpg
Santa Monica PD Section                 Uniform Section

I wanted to say how appreciative we are of the plaque that you guys did for K9 Lemon and Officer Madsen.
 His family loved it and will be displaying it in their home with pride and a few tears.  Unfortunately Lemon's
health did not last long and he was put down on the Friday after Thanksgiving so that he was no longer
in pain.  Working with you was a pleasure. and I hope to be pushing some more business to you in the future
with a K9 board and employee of the quarter plaques. Thank you and your team again for all of the great work!
Jeff Cobb / Pasco WA Police Department
k-9-lemon - Pasco-pd.jpg
Recognition Section    K-9 Section

Recognition Section     K-9 Section

SWAT Section

  Single Badge Section 

  Police Shadowbox Section

Mihalik -
 Anaheim PD acrylic-box.jpg
Acrylic Box Projects Section       S.W.A.T. Section

Sheriff's Section

  Fire Section 


Beverley Hills PD - Fallen Officers

  Sheriff's Section

Miami PD - Fallen Memorial
Special Thanks - Lt. Roberto Valdes
Department Video...https://www.facebook.com/MiamiPoliceDepartment/videos/2521877944489294/

miami PD Memorial 2

Fire Related Section


Acrylic Box Section

Acrylic Box Section

  Army Section     Recognition Section

Simmons - LAPD
      LAPD Section

Ramos - EMT
Single Badge Section


  Queen - NASA
Recognition Section

Cottle - LAPD - E.O.W.      Brewer - Joplin PD - E.O.W.
LAPD Section                                                                                     Motors Section


Rango - CA Fish  & Game      
K-9 Section

  Pennington / Vernon PD E.O.W.
Archive Section  Motors Section

West Covina PD - E.O.W. Emblem from Badge Frame

LVMPD Memorial Badges presentation from Badge Frame



Hayes / Chino PD / E.O.W. Memorial

  WCPF - EOW Plaque

Montebello PD - Acuna Rubbing presentation from Badge Frame

PSPD / E.O.W. / Zerebny presentation from Badge Frame 10/2017  PSPD / E.O.W. / Vega Presentation from Badge Frame 10/2017
Palm Springs PD Section

Bob Landmand / Irvine

CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife K-9 Reno and Handler David
          McNair presentation from Badge Frame
K-9 Section    Fish & Wildlife Section

Keller -

Smithson E.O.W. Presentation from
              Badge Frame

De Guzman - San Diego PD E.O.W. presentation from Badge
          Frame 8/2016  San
          Diego PD - E.O.W. DeGuzman presenation from Badge Frame

 E.O.W. Riverside County Sheriff
          presentation from Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section

K-9 Memorial for ENA -
          Benzie County Sheriff from Badge Frame   E.O.W.
          Presentation from Badge Frame for Gogerty - Brea PD
K-9 Section                                                                      ;                           ;                   

E.O.W. / Fallen
          L.A. Lifeguard Presentation from Badge Frame for Godino

Fraembs - Pomona
          PD Memorial Seal from Badge Frame
Pomona PD Section             Emblems & Seals Section

Scott -
          E.O.W. Los Angeles Worls Airport Police presentation from
          Badge Frame 1/2017
LAWA Section             Police Shadowbox Section

  EOW presentation from Badge Frame
  Flag Presentations    Military Section    Printed Background Section

San Pablo PD - Signed Flag
          Presentation from Badge Frame 12-2016

San Pablo PD Section                      Flag Section

Ken Zink - San Pablo PD
San Pablo PD Section

Zink - San Pablo PD - EOW
          Presentation from Badge Frame 10/2016    Bracci / Signing Mat / RIP
                              Flag Presentation Section   San Pablo PD Section                                             ;                Signing Section                       ;                             ;                                

Downey PD - Fallen Officers
          - Custom Framed by Badge Frame

Dallas Fallen Officers presentation
          from Badge Frame
Special Thanks... Nicole Vera / LASD          Academy Section

Downey PD - Baker 2 Vegas Framed
          Presentation from Badge Frame  Captain Steve Garza - Downey PD -
              Baker 2 Vegas presentation from Badge Frame
Baker 2 Vegas Section          Printed Backboard Section

De Guzman - San Diego PD E.O.W.
          presentation from Badge Frame 8/2016     East Bay Regional Park District - K9
          Burn E.O.W. recognition plaque from Badge Frame
San Diego PD Section                                                               K-9 Section        


DeGuzman / SPPD        San Diego PD Section

Past Sherriff Projects from
                    badge frame, Fallen soliders from badge frame
Past Sheriff Projects Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff's E.O.W. / Fallen layout / Background Options...
Printed Backgrounds with actual badges. 4/2016
San Bernardino County Sheriff /
          MacKay / E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame - graphic
          background options
Sheriff's Section    Printed Background Section

Richard Torres / Lancaster /
          E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame    Custom Memorial Presentation
          - 36" cut to shape
                           ;                                                          36" cut to shape memorial presentation $488  Larger=more$  Smaller=less $

  Plaque Options Section

My Father passed away last night on 1/27/2016 and I can not Thank you enough for
making such a beautiful shadow box for him several years ago. I presented it to him thanking him for his service to our Great Country. I am so thankful to Badge Frame for leaving the pictures of him
and I on your website for several years now. From time to time I often go to your website and look at the pictures of him and I the night I presented it to him,
which I will never forget. We often refer to those who served in WW II as  the "Greatest Generation.”
Again, Thank You for the Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can.
Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr. (retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey

Thanks Louis Jr. for your update and touching note. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you the best and appreciate your father's service. Badge Frame is honored to have been a part of your journey.
-Bill Baxter / Owner / Badge Frame Inc.

E.O.W. / Fallen Section                      Florham Park PD Section

   Thome - Montebello School PD - EOW

Kaliah Harper / Richmond PD  
Recognition Section                                                                             Chino PD Section                                 

                                                                                                                           Sheriff's Section   Single Badge Display Section

Chino PD Section

  Uniform Section      Sheriff's Section

San Diego Sheriff's Fallen / All pieces 12"X18" / Click to enlarge...

Sheriff's Section here

Up to 30" San Rafael PD Memorial Badge Options...

Memorial / Black Band Badge Section here


K-9 Section     Sheriff's Section

Recognition Section here                                               
   Sheriff's Section          

Sign Section



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Horne III - USCG 
  USCG Section here                                         Uniform Section here

Golden West College 


Lizarraga - LAPD - Dedication 
                  Altos PD - K-9 Ringo - E.O.W.
Donated to the Newton Facility by John Munguia (LAPD Det. Ret.) 2/2014                                                                                         ;               


larger image here

Click on images to enlarge
  Russell - Gallia
                  County Sheriff     Elroy / San Bernardino PD

  Bush / 
Placentia PD  Lee - Rialto PD

click images to enlarge
Coutchie / Laguna Beach PD  Matthews - South Gate

Hernandez / Willow / Pomona PD / Memorial Plaque
Click to enlarge...
K-9 Memorial Plaque /
                  Pomona PD

San Leandro PD  E.O.W. Header Signage.
click image to enlarge

San Diego County Sheriff's Museum E.O.W. Header Signage.
click image to enlarge

Larger Image Here 

click to enlarge

larger image here    E.O.W. Section here

click to enlarge

Rialto S.W.A.T. / Carrera / Wolfley / E.O.W.
click to enlarge


click to enlarge...
Spicer -
          Georgetown PD  
click to enlarge

Beuna Park PD - 999
              Ride Jersey
larger image here

Rialto PD / SWAT / Carrera / Click to enlarge

Rialto PD - S.W.A.T. -

Rialto E.O.W. Header - Click to enlarge
Rialto PD - EOW Header

San Leandro - E.O.W.
larger image here

Click to Enlarge
Buena Park PD - EOW     

K-9 Boss - Williamsport BP

Memorial Podium Seals / Click to Enlarge
Memorial Podium Seals 

32X48 Wall Graphic - Click to Enlarge

Horne - USCG - Halibut
Terrell Horne III  -  USCG - Halibut    /  Larger image here

Chino PD Memorial
larger image here

Youngstrom - CHP
larger image here       CHP / State Trooper Section Here

larger image here

Peace Officer's Memoriial
larger image here


larger image here        See our "Sign Section" here

Outstanding presentation of 9 memorial coins and center piece with actual OCSD badge and poem.
Actual photo of grouping on wall to come.  Each coin is framed with a complete incident story.  5/2012.
OCSD Memorial Coin Set Presentation
larger image here

An oversize version of the above actual badge with poem on front band.  To hang as an accessory to the set.
OCSD Memorial Badge
Larger image here         See our "Oversize Emblems Patches and Badges" section here

Ryan Stringer - Alhambra Shooting plaque 
larger image here

Ackerman - BPPD
larger image here

Tedesco - West Covina PD
larger image here

Claremont PD - E.O.W.

Birrell - Memorial
see larger image here

Taylor - E.O.W.

Flores - LASD
see larger image here

Clark - GGPD & SBPD


Topanga - Roll Call Room Sign

other layout options...

Dorris - CHP - LAPD

click to enlarge
                Palm Springs PD 

                Springs PD - IKE

Wayne Presley - Downey PD - EOW

Graphic for SDPD E.O.W. webpage  8/2011
SDPD - EOW Graphic

Henwood - SDPD
larger image here

Santa Ana PD - KABIA - Baker 2 Vegas

San Diego Police Historical Society

Sign collage for South Gate PD Open House 8/20/2011  24" X 36"

see larger image here

                - USMC

Proof graphic for EOW header 20" X 50".
San Luis Obisbo Sheriff's EOW

Joesph Leed _SDPD - EOW 3/19/1921

see larger image here

South Gate PD - Logan

San Deigo Police Historical Association Website     /   Map to Facility
For those of you who live near this facility (4710 College Ave  San Diego, CA.)  this is a MUST SEE.
Absolutely outstanding presentations dating back to the very beginning of the department. Their # is (619) 726-6151

Glenn - South Gate PD

Wilson - San Diego PD -
See larger image here

Telen - Ontarion PD - E.O.W.
See larger image here

Jim Owen - OCFA - E.O.W.
See larger image here    --  See close-up of axes here

999 Ride - Orange PD -
                Stan Taylor

El Segundo PD - E.O.W.
See larger image here...

KABIA - Santa Ana PD

Loudon - South Gate PD

see larger image here

South Gate PD - Loudon
See larger image here...

Palm Springs PD - Flag

San Pablo PD - Wheeler

We just got the Wheeler Box…Outstanding!!!!!!!   Everyone loves it…there will be a special unveiling sometime in the next few weeks.  Mike Gancasz - San Pablo PD

see larger image here
Coker Letter

Barrett & Blesk

Adams County Sheriff /
                Matthews / E.O.W.

Lakewood PD - Fallen
see larger image here...

Turek - Hermosa Beach
see larger image here

see larger image here

Palm Springs EOW
EOW Sign for Palm Springs Entryway   33" x 60" O.D.

Palm Springs E.O.W.
see larger image here

Fallen; Tozzo

Ramon Montoya - US

Pima County Sheriff's

Backus - Irvine PD

Pinole PD - Memorial
This type of presentation can go up to 48" long.  Scroll can be cut out and hang unframed.
Additional names can be added via an additional plate that covers the existing names.

memorial emblem
Memorial Emblem for Pima County Sheriff.  15" wide to hang on podium.

see larger image here


Pomona PD

Stan Taylor / Orange PD / E.O.W. Presentation
see larger image here


GGPD Memorial Highway Presentation
see larger image here    Approx. retail $190

Badge Frame computer generated Photo Collage.  Artwork is 16" X 20"  Framed and matted 24" X 28" O.D.
See our Photo Collage section here

  Carrera Flag Box

Horowitz - Monterey Park PD - E.O.W.
see larger image here

Curtis Massey / Culver City Police
see larger image here  / View the "Officer Down" page for Massey See our Flag Box section here

Sanders - CHP - USMC - E.O.W.
see larger image here

EOW - Kitterle - Rialto PD
See larger version here...

Birrell - Memorial Presentation
see larger image here

Badge Frame offers it's framing services FREE OF CHARGE

 to any facility or family of Law Enforcement, Fire Dept. or Enlisted Military Service Personnel
from us in the line of duty.  All qualifying recipient's agents will receive one of the following at no charge...

1). Shadowbox frame complete shadowbox with all design and labor included.
2). Any complete standard frame design with all design and labor included.

1). Only the first presentation is framed at no charge.  Additional pieces for additional facilities or family members will incur normal fees.
2). There can be no due date for a free presentation.  These will be completed as we can fit them in our schedule. 
Any pieces requiring specific due dates will incur normal fees.
3). Shadowbox presentations will be limited to a 20" x 24" inside dimensions.
Pieces requiring a larger area than this will be charged accordingly after the first $450 incurred.
 Standard frame presentations (requiring less depth) will be limited to the same 20" x 24" inside
dimensional size and will be charged accordingly after the first $375.  Sales tax (if applicable) will be added to the balance due.

1). Person in question (no K-9) must have been killed by another person or have died as a direct result
of responding or reacting to a situation while on duty, on or within the last 24 months.

2). Agents of the fallen (recipients of the items to be framed) must provide us with the commanding officer's contact info.
3). Recipients of framed items must pay for packing and shipping (and sales tax if applicable) to and from us.
Call us...(800) New-Frame / National Toll Free
© 2005 Baxter's Frame Works / Badge Frame / All Rights Reserved
3811 Schaefer Ave., Suite A  Chino, CA 91710   Local (909) 591-3033
EMAIL: fwbill32@verizon.net
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