Acrylic  Box Projects...

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Mihalik - Anaheim PD acrylic-box.jpg
E.O.W. Section    S.W.A.T. Section

E.O.W./Fallen Section

Ontario PD Section       Archives Section

Cooper Gavel
Court/Judge Section                Chief's Section

Mooring / LAPD
LAPD Section

Other Stuff Section

Valvo - Ontario Air Support
Ontario PD Section        Air Related Section
Western Boots Acrylic box from Badge frame

          Box for boxing glove from Badge Frame
"Other Stuff" Section

Knife box -
          Acrylic with holders from Badge Frame
Sheriff Section

Unique presentation using an acrylic box with a "frame lip".  This type of box extends outward
from the shadowbox frame allowing the extra height needed for tall/dimensional objects.
Cooper - Claremont PD - Tools
          of the Trade - Badge Frame 2016   Cooper / Claremont PD -
          Tools of the Trade from Badge Frame 11-2016
Police Shadowbox Section                    Chief's Section

Pacquiao Signed Glove with
          Acrylic Box from Badge Frame
  "Other Stuff" Section

Scales of Justice Acrylic Box with
          frame base for Badge Frame

Acrylic Float
larger image here

Fred Airth Gloves in Acrylic Box
See larger image un-boxed      See larger image boxed

larger image here

Ontario PD - Fingerprint Book / Acrylic Box
see larger image here

Ontario PD - 1961 Ledger acrylic box
see other images here

See larger image here  -  26 x 6 x 8 - $250

See larger image here

Some custom cut mouldings we use for frame bases...
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Boxing Glove

Football Box

Frame Lip

Basic Acrylic Box design / Raw without fabric covering backboard and streigner.

Acrylic Sandwich
larger image here

Clear acrylic custom

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