S.W.A.T. / ERT / Tactical Enforcement
First Responders / CNT / SET

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Chino PD Section         Printed Background Section

West Covina Section


shrode / Tustin SWAT

Murrieta SWAT Wall
Wall Lettering Section          Murrieta PD Section

West Covina PD SWAT
West Covina PD Section


     Irvine PD Section

TRACY PD  SWAT Recognition
    Tracy SWAT

Zamora - Watonsville SWAT

VAN DE KREEKE / OCSD                                                                   EARL / OCSD 
Sheriff Section      SWAT Section

Nguyen / Buena Park SWAT
SWAT Section

      Peltz Service Award
      Perpetual Plaque Section

Van Hecke - Pasadena SWAT

  Sanchez - Pomona SWAT
     Pomona PD Section

Clawson - SWAT Presentation    WCPD - SWAT

Sanchez - Pasadena PD SWAT Appreciation
Chief's Section

Walker - Inland Regional SWAT
Recognition Section     Chief Section
Pierce / OCSD SWAT Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame

Davis / Joplin PD SWAT

Nunez / Buena Park PD SWAT presentation from Badge Frame

Watsonville PD - Special Response Unit presentations from Badge Frame

Watsonville PD / SWAT

Chino Swat
          Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame for Needles     Buena Park SWAT
          presentation from Badge Frame for Lovechik

          Recognition by Badge Frame for Carrino - Chino PD     North
          County SWAT presentation from Badge Frame for Capelletti
Chino PD Section

Maerker - BPPD SWAT  Buena Park PD
          SWAT Dispatch
        SWAT Section    Dispatch Section
  Albo - LA County
          DA - SRT presentation from Badge Frame
  DA Section   Recognition Section

Pegg - Beuna Park SWAT
          presentation from Badge Frame

El Segundo SWAT presentations
              from Badge Frame

Foothills Special Enforcement Team presentations from
              Badge Frame

Pasadena PD SES Perpetual
          Plaque from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaque Section

fowler, lasd, badge frame,
          swat, sheriff  SWAT, recognition plaque, badgeframe
Sheriff Section                                                               SWAT Section    

BPPD S.W.A.T.  Special thanks Corey Sianez and Sergio Lepe
Frank Nunes / BPPD
          / SWAT Presentation from Badge Frame    Burciaga / BPPD / SWAT
          Presentation from Badge Frame

Special thanks Kenny McShane / ESPD S.W.A.T. for the great pics!
El Segundo S.W.A.T. Wall 2016

Worral / BPPD SWAT
  Open Face Section


Chino PD Section

     Recognition Section                                                                                                                  

Palm Springs PD Section             Badge Ranks Section                                                      

  Open Face Section here


Fontana PD Section here      Open Faced Section here

For Jim Tigner / La Habra SWAT


                                                                                  Chino PD Section here   Recognition Section

El Segungo SWAT Perpetual Plaque   
Perpetual Plaques Missions / Ethics

Riviera Beach SRT 
  Folwer - ESPD AWAT
"I just wanted to thank you for a job well done!!!!
The plaque looked amazing and you could tell by the expression on the Assistant Chief's
face when we presented it to him that it was something special."
Open Faced Section here

               Collage Section here                                                                     Perpetual Plaque Section here

WCPD - SWAT  Gausto - Miami

Castelli - Huntington Park SERT 

"Sir, overwhelming success and compliments on your products and services!!!  Thank you very much." 2/2014 


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West Covina S.W.A.T.

  Cano SWAT 

Rialto S.W.A.T. / Carrera / E.O.W.
click to enlarge

click to enlarge
Allen - West Covina PD
              S.W.A.T.  Pasadena S.W.A.T.

Rialto PD / SWAT / Carrera / Click to enlarge

Rialto PD - S.W.A.T. -

click to enlarge
  Mendoza - SWAT       Dewar - Pasadena SET
MENDOZA / ELMONTE SWAT                                        MARCOUX / LBPD                                                     DEWAR / PASADENA SET  

24" ESU Seal / Toms River PD  / NJ.
Toms River PD / New Jersey

Fallon - Palm Springs SWAT
larger image here

West Covina SWAT
larger image here

Chino PD  S.W.A.T. Open Faced Pesentation
Chino PD - Open Faced SWAT Presentation
larger image here

Upland SWAT Collage
larger image here

  Bartosik - Upland SWAT

Colon - Palm
          Springs S.W.A.T.
Larger image here         Side view here        Palm Springs section here

Vallejo -
                Chino PD
larger image here

Corporal Larry Love / West Covina PD / S.W.A.T.
Love - West Covina PD
Large Image Here

Condon - Irvine SWAT

Condon - Irvine PD

See larger image here


SWAT Coin with bullet holes and choice of personalized name / organization.  CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

SWAT #1 - Organization on top
SWAT #2 - Name on top SWAT #3 - Name on top SWAT #4 - Organization on top


SWAT SILVER #1 - Organization on top
SWAT SILVER #2 - Name on top SWAT SILVER #3 - Name on top SWAT SILVER #4 - Organization on top

Jim Tigner - La Habra SWAT - 3 shots - 3 hits - .308 caliber at 100 yards

see larger image here             Pricing framed  $120  Unframed  $48

Cook - La Habra

Pittsburg PD SWAT

SWAT Shadowbox -
                  COCOZZA - Florham Park PD - ERT

                  Shadowbox - Chief Gates
see larger image here

SWAT Shadowbox -
see larger image here
"I just unpacked the box and the shadow-box looks great! Seeing it in person exceeds all of my expectations.
I am taking it to the retirement dinner tonight to give to Paul. I am very proud to present this to Paul as a token of our appreciation for his hard work.
Please feel free to use us as a reference and I look forward to our next project. "  Kevin Franklin / Bart PD S.W.A.T.

El Segundo - SWAT
see larger image here

Irvine PD - SWAT -
          Dave Freeland
see larger image here

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