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Chino PD Section
Chino PD Section          Police Shadowbox Section


    CHP Section

Chino PD Section

   Chief's Section

West Covina Section

ceres-seal.jpg    dillon-chief.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section

Marines Section        Flagbox Section


Police Shadowbox Section

LAPD Chiefs Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaques Section    LAPD Section

Single Badge Section

      Veterans Affairs Section

Emblems and Seals Section    Fire Section  

Raman / San Pablo
San Pablo Section

        GUBBEI / MAPLE SHADE      


Single Badge Section


Downey PD Chief - Charles
Police Shadowboxes

Article written by Addington / Pittsburg PD

Pink Patch
Pink Patch Section  Podium Section

Owens / County Chief's

Latrobe PD Chief Deskplate
Deskplates Section

Cooper Gavel
Court/Judge Section         Acrylic Box Section

Ramos - District Attorney
District Attorney Section



All past Chiefs from LAPD.
Made for Charlie Beck 2018.
  LAPD Chiefs

 Anthony Miranda / Irwindale PD

  Upland PD Chief Thouvenell

Chief Miller / South Pasadena PD Retirement


      Chief Barnes - Bell Gardens

Sanchez - Pasadena PD SWAT Appreciation
   SWAT Section

Special thanks!  Sara Faden / LAPD
Beck - LAPD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

  Seabrooks / Santa  Monica
Santa Monica PD Section

      Kepley / Palos Verde Estates PD

Citrus Heights PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame    La Palma PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame

McMullin / Weatherby Lake PD Retirement   

O'Day - Covina PD 

"Hi T.J.,I just want to thank you for making the process so easy.
You guided me through the whole process with patience and professionalism. The final products were amazing!
 I couldn’t have asked for better service or a better outcome, you do great work.  Thank you, Cheryl"

    Chief Garcia - Redlands PD / San Bernardino County Chief's presentation from Badge Frame

Thanks Paul for all the projects you were involved with.
You were a great help with making Badge Frame successful. - Bill Baxter
Capraro / Pomona PD Chief shadowbox presentation from Badge Frame
Pomona PD Section

Eisly / Grantsville PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame

  De Anda - Rialto PD Chief Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
            Badge Collection Section

Citrus Heights PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame
Emblems & Seals Section

Hunt - Monrovia PD presentation from Badge Frame      
Medals Section

La Palma PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame
   Emblem & Seals Section

Department of Veteran's Affairs Chief Seal from Badge

            Leandro PD - Chief Recognition Plaque with dimensional badge
            from Badge Frame
Recognition Section

Police Chief Berg
            from Novato presentation shadowbox from Badge Frame    Chief Tavera - El
            Segundo PD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Police Chief Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
            for McGill - Truckee PD       Police Chief
            Eisley from Liberty PD presentation from Badge Frame
Police Standard Frames Section

UCLA Police Shadowbox from Badge
            Frame for Chief Garza
University Section

            Langston - Sgnal Hill PD presentation from Badge Frame

We received the package yesterday afternoon for Chief Riello's farewell celebration!!!
I did myself a little funky dance upon arrival because the date for the party was moved up from the 21st to the 20th... we were holding our breaths to see if it
would be here on time, and it did. The UPS guys got a chuckle from my dance! You people are wonderful and we can't thank you enough for all the hard work
and effort put into this marvelous endeavor. Thank you from the Chief and myself for a job well done. Karen
       Riello / Suffield PD presentation from Badge Frame       Manchester PD Seal from Badge Frame
    Single Badge Section                                                                Emblems & Seals Section     

Chief deMonet - Montclair PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame       Thomas - Fort Plain PD Recognition Presentation from Badge Frame
                                                                                                                       Recognition Section

Chief Cooper - Claremont - Police Chief Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame 11-2016
Unique presentation using an acrylic box with a "frame lip".  This type of box extends outward
from the shadowbox frame allowing the extra height needed for tall/dimensional objects.
Cooper - Claremont PD - Tools of the Trade - Badge Frame 2016   Cooper / Claremont PD - Tools of the Trade from Badge Frame 11-2016
Police Shadowbox Section                                    Acrylic Box Section

  Tim Staab - Glendora PD Chief - Retirement Career Shadowbox from Badge Frame 10/2016
Police Shadowbox Section

Taylor - Baldwin Park PD Reirement Presentation Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes Section

Maynard - Desert Hot Springs PD - Intirm Chief Presentation form Badge Frame  9-2016

Chief Baker - Westminster PD
            Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   Chief Lawton - San Gabriel PD presentation from
                Badge Frame 8/2016   
Standard Frames Section

Badge Frame,
                      Chiefs Message Board, Magnetic Chart
     San Pablo PD Section               Magnetic Charts Section

 Badge Frame, Doyle,                      President Bush, Ontario PD  Doyle, Ontario PD,                      Badge Frame
Ontario PD Section

Gustafson / Orange PD Chief
            Career Showcase Presentation from Badge Frame
Orange PD Section  Police Shadowbox Section

            Jones - Fontana PD - Retirement Badge Collection from Badge
            Frame    Chief Engal - DVAPD - Framed Recognition Plaque from            Badge Frame
                                     Fontana PD Section                                          VAPD Section     Recognition Section                           

  University of California - San Francisco - Chief's
Emblems & Seals Section

             Irvine PD Section                                Police Shadowbox Section                               Ontario PD Section      

Irvine PD Section

Special thanks - Tom Frayeh who worked his butt off getting these images.  Salute. Great collection!

Archive Section

                                                                                                             Oversize Badge & Patch Section

            Chino PD Section                                                                       Seals & Emblems       Chief's Section            


Emblems & Seals Section here

Perpetual Plaque Section

                                                                                                                          Emblems & Seals Section here


                Acrylic Awards Section here                                             Police Shadowboxes           

San Diego PD Section        Single Badge Display Section here


Chief's special message board. Magnetic with slight texture.
Slide-in Magnetic C-Channel headers 6" X 1"  1/2014



Recognition plaque for Chief Gary Stewart                                                                                                                    


Police Shadowboxes      Chino PD Section

Past Buena Park Chief Wilford Sparkes.  E.O.W.  10/2014

Collage Section here

                                                                                             Emblems & Seals

Baldwin Park School Police Chief Skvarna Retirement                                                                    


West Covina Chief's Perpetual Plaque
Plaque with 5X7 current recipient photo and laser engraved plaque.    Perpetual Plaque Section here

   Pomona PD - Chief Seal
Deskplate Section here                           Emblems and Seals Section

West Covina PD - Chief Seal  Miles Pruitt - Chino PD

Recognition Plaque Proofs for the California Police Chief's Association for retiring Chief Sylvia Moir

City of Mountain View "Chief's Conference Room Sign" options...
City of Mountain View - Chief's Conference Room Sign

Jordon - Tustin

Single Badge Section here


Chief Keith Jones / Montclair PD

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NJ Police Chiefs Assoc. seals

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Badge Rank Section here               El Cerrito PD Section here  

Baray / Long Beach PD                         click to enlarge                           Smith / Claremont & Irwindale
  D. Smith - Irwindale & Claremont
Long Beach PD            Police Shadowboxes


larger image here

Ventura / Palm Springs Fire
larger image here       Fire Section here

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Chino PD Chiefs


Keith Jones - Montclair PD Chief
larger image here     

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Fullerton PD Chief Seal
larger image here

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Fullerton PD - Chief Seal

  Florham Park - Chief Collage
40" X 60"  Florham Park  / Collage of Chiefs in chronological order.    Larger Image Here     Collage Section Here

larger image here

Personalized Seals...
Chester Thompson  - Montclair PD Chief   
Seal & Emblem Section      Oversized Badge & Patch Section

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Chief Maynard - San Anselmo PD
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Belcher - Bell PD Chief


Framed as shown with
11X14 photos, suede top mat (color depends on profession), gold or silver fillet accents around photo and printed bio, $240. ea.
Same as above with 8X10 photos are $175 ea.  Laser engraved bio plaque adds $45.
Pricing includes ready to hang product, including scanning, retouching and re-printing photos to match each other.
Pricing does not include packing, shipping or applicable sales taxes.

larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

chief Kreins
Larger image here

larger image here

El Monte - Chief's Photo

SCPD Chief Moir - 24" Seal

Quach - LBPD

Klong / Rialto PD

Ontario - Chief's Display
18 Ontario Chiefs framed in black leather with grey flannel matting with v-groove that intersected a laser engraved nameplate.

Chief Gregory - Cal State Los Angeles

Chief Bernard Parks Uniform

Chief Tom Armstrong - El Monte PD

Montoya - Glendora PD

Chief Keith Kilmer - SBPD Chief's Presentation

Jon Hamiltion - Elmonte Chief's Recognition

Arcadia Chief - Sanderson

Lanning - La Mesa PD Chief Presentation

Talbott - County Chief's Presentation

Chief Gregory D. King / California State University Police
Chief King - Calofornia State University Police

See larger image here...

Monson -Buena Park PD
see larger image here

See larger image here...

Larger image here...

Chief Schienle
See larger image here

Twin Cities PD - Chief
See larger image here

see larger image here

Indo PD Chief's Seal

see larger image here

See larger image here

San Pablo Chiefs
Larger image coming...

See larger image here

See larger image here

Chief Avila - SGPD
See larger image here

Burlingame PD

Chief Fracolli

Chief Bratton - LAPD

see larger image here

Chief Campos
see larger image here

Chief Stan Stewart -

Chief Moy - Monterey Park
see larger image here


see larger image here

see larger image here

see larger image here

Chief Jim Doyle - Ontaio PD
see larger image here

San Bernardino County Chief's and Sheriff's
See larger image here

This County Chief's and Sheriff's Association Presentation is for San Bernardino County, CA.
There are 14 Chiefs and Sheriffs that make up the group.  Each time one of them retires, the other 13 members present the retiring
member with this presentation.  All actual badges are framed with matting colors that represent their respective organization.

Thank you, Chief Adams (Upland PD) for allowing Badge Frame to be a part of this.
 Badge Frame hopes to take this concept nation-wide and would like to offer information to all interested parties.
See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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