University Police

This section contains some of our University Police related projects.

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     Reiss / UC Irvine PD

Cisneros - UCI
Chiefs Section
Hernandez - UCLA

UCLA PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame

Sinkey - UC
          IRVINE PD
Police Shadowboxes


Emblems & Seals Section

          Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame for Chief Garza
Chief's Section

          Hondo EMT perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame   UCLA Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame
          for Finch
Perpetual Plaque Section

Sepulvida - Chaffey
          College Presentation from Badge Frame   Virgen / Santa Monica College
          presentation from Badge Frame
Single Badge Section                                                                                     

Johnsen - Fontana Unified Motors
          PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame     Suebe -
          Chaffey College presentation from Badge Frame
Motors Section           Recognition Section       Single Badge Section

Bartolf / University of Delaware -
          Badge Frame Shadowbox  Hutchison - University of Irvine - Badge Frame Shadowbox

  Stockton Unified School District -
              Organizational Chart from Badge Frame
Emblems & Seals Section                                                                     Org Chart Section

Irvine PD Section                                                            Org Chart Section                      

Wilson / Cal Poly Pomona - Badge Frame has known Bruce for many years.  Congratulations on a great career!
It has been a pleasure working with you through the ranks!  Best to you Sir.    BB


                                                                         Uniform Section here


Probasco - UCSB     

  Mt Sac. PTP  Mt. SAC Psych Techs

Police Shadowboxes here   Irvine PD Section here  Cut-out Badges & Patches here

    Luke - UCIPD  
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UCLA / 24" Badge installed - Click to enlarge

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UCLA 42" Badge    Cal State Northridge
            - Winged Badge

larger image here

ucla - deunas
larger image here

Ambrico - UCLA
larger image here

larger image here

University of La Verne

University of Idaho Emblems

ucla - Walton

Dave Behrens - UCLA PD - Postcard and memorabilia collection from traveling with the teams!  OUTSTANDING!  40"X48"

Behrens - UCLA
See larger image here

Chief Gregory - Cal Sate Los Angeles

University of Delaware Staff Photo

see larger image here

See larger image here

UCLA - Stewart
See larger image here

See larger image here

Pikeville College

Ono - Golden West College
larger image here

see larger image here

Verdugo & Ponder
see larger image here

Peterson / Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly badges

Chief Ross

J.J. Flatley - Delaware University PD
see larger image here

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