Badge Frame's Emblem and Seals Section deals with graphics for walls.
These can be up to 58" wide and add a great customized touch to any area. 
Front finishes can be satin or glossy acrylic.  They can also be dimensional with multiple layers.

Click on images to enlarge...

Ontario PD Section

sbc-seal2.jpg    crc-warden.jpg
Podium Emblem Section

      Chino PD Section
Podium Emblem Section

cedaregde-hs-emblem.jpg    chino-pd-crime-analysis-emblem.jpg
Podium Emblem Section      Chino PD Section  

 Chief's Section

Chief's Section   Pomona PD Section


sierra-madre-pd-communications.jpg    sgpd-narco-emblem.jpg
         Dispatch Section   Oversize Badge Section                                   South Gate Section                       

Chief's Section      
Irvine PD Section

randolph-emblem.jpg    spokane-emblem.jpg
Chief's Section                                                                      Corrections Section

CDCR Section      Oversize Badge & Patch Section   Podium Section


  Podium Section Section

 LAWA Section

  Irvine PD Section

Wall lettering Section


USGC Section

Sheriff's Section

  Chino PD Section

riverside county sheriff-hemet-seal.jpg
Sheriff Section

RCSO - Hemet-station-seal.jpg   hemet-station-seal-gloss.jpg
Sheriff's Section

Misc Sampling of our Emblems/Seals proofs...
gresham-pd-emblem.jpg  chatham-twnsp-pd-emblem.jpg


doj-podium-seal.jpg      ceres-seal.jpg
Podium Section      DOJ Section                                                                       Chief's Section                   



   Fire Section    Chiefs Section


                          Signs Section                           

L.A. Impact Seal

Chief's Section

Santa Maria FD / Adminitration Emblem
                                                                                                 Fire Section 

  Signs Section

San Bernardino County Probation Seal from Badge Frame

Citrus Heights PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame  La Palma PD Chief Seal from Badge Frame
Chief's Section

Geneva Alabama Seal

Five Cities Fire Station Emblems from Badge Frame 9/2017

 Florence 30" glossy Seals from Badge Frame

          Valley Fire Emblem from Badge Frame
Fire Section

Burbank PD Podium Seal from Badge Frame  Loudoun County Sheriff Seal from Badge
Podium Section

          State Association of Firefighters 
Fire Section

          Leandro PD Coin Reproduction Emblems from Badge Frame

Department of Veteran's Affairs Chief Seal from Badge
          Frame    Orage PD Traffic Seal from Coin
          from Badge Frame

University of Iowa Podium Seal     San Diego Glossy Acrylic Seal from
          Badge Frame
University Section                                                                                                         

Chino PD - Traffic Division acrylic front Seal from Badge
          Frame   Irvine - Dispatcher Seal from
          Badge Frame
      Chino PD Section                                                                                    Irvine PD Section

          Seal from Badge Frame for Exeter PD   Family Justice Emblem from Badge

  Krebs -
          Retirement Seal from Badge Frame   Fontana PD Traffic
          Division Seal from Badge Frame
  Fontana PD Section

Fraembs - Pomona
          PD Memorial Seal from Badge Frame
Pomona PD Section       Fallen/E.O.W. Section       Emblems & Seals Section

Manchester PD Seal from Badge Frame  US Dept. of Agriculture 40" Seal
          from Badge Frame

City of Newport Beach Seal
          Options from Badge Frame

USCG - Navigation Center
USGC Section 

Town of Cumberland Seal
          from Badge Frame 11/2016   USDA Seals woth rope edging from Badge Frame
Podium Section

              Banos PD Emblem with hinged easle back.

RTG Fire Seal from Badge Frame
Fire Section

   Lon Beach PD - Seal
          from Badge Frame
Long Beach PD Section                           Badge & Patch Reproductions

Kansas State Fire Association
          Emblems from Badge Frame 10/2016
Fire Section

District of Columbia Circut Seals from Badge Frame

Glochester PD
          Chief Seal from Badge Frame Bishop-Amat Emblem
Emblems & Seals Section

Commonwealth's Attorney Seal Options...
Commonwealth's Attorney -
          County of Loudoun - Virginia Seal from Badge Frame 10/2016

LAWA PD Seal from
          Badge Frame

U.S. Marshal Oversize Coin and
          Patch from Badge Frame
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Downey PD Challenge Coins
          Reproductions from Badge Frame 9-2106
Emblems & Seals Section

  Glouchester PD Seal & Patch
          from Badge Frame  Georgetown PD - Emergency
          Management Seal from Badge Frame 9/2016

Ontario PD
          Seal - Report Writing Room from Badge Frame 8/2016  FBI Cyber Behavorial Analysis
          Seal from Badge Frame
Ontario PD Section                                                                             FBI Section

Spring Valley Grizzlies Emblem from Badge Frame

Ontario PD - Oversized Chief's Badge from
                          Badge Frame 8/2016  Vernon PD - Dispatch Seal from Badge
                          Frame 8/2016
badge frame, podium,
                        emblems and seals
Podium Section

          frame, emblem, eagle scout
Podium Section   Scout Section

                        emblem, seal, podium, badge frame  podium, emblem seals, badge
Podium Section

emblem, seal, podium,
                    badge frame, georgetown emblem, seals,
                        georgetown, podium, badge frame 
Podium Section

San Louis Obispo - Districy
          Attorney Seal from Badge Frame  San Louis Obispo Large 36"
          Glossy Dimensional Emblem from Badge Frame
Podium Section  
Thank you, Bill and Shelley,
We love the new seals that you made for us!  I think they look great -- they added to the professional appearance of our office. - Dan / SLO DA

San Luis Obispo DA's Office - Wall
          Emblems from Badge Frame
San Luis Obispo DA - Podium &
          Wall Emblems from Badge Frame

San Leandro Sign with raised
          glossy emblem. 3/2015 from Badge Frame
  San Leandro PD Section               Signs

  Los Banos PD - 30" Police Seal Emblem from Badge

  University of California - San Francisco - Chief's
                       Chief's Section                   ;                                       University PD Section

          Corona PD Section           ;                                                          University PD Section        

"We got the seal today and it looks amazing! It is just the right touch for our new podium. Thanks again!"   Matt / Germany
Emblems & Seals Section        Podium Seal Section



Chief's Section here

                                              ;                           Podium Section

Chief's Section here


SWAT Section

Our seal as shown at the Havana Cuba Embassy re-opening.
                                 Initial Badge Frame Graphic                                               Actual seal design that they decided on...                     


Awesome Seal & Badge presentation for South Pasadena PD - 7/2015
This piece features a 46" glossy seal and a 34" glossy badge with lighting in between the two layers.

42" Baldwin Park City Seal
Actual Size Portion 1                                                         Actual Size Portion 2

MERCED SEALS - TEXTURED (left)      ACTUAL (center)       NON-TEXTURED (right)   36" round

Podium Section here

CIF Traveling Podium emblems fitted with a "Podium Strap" that wraps around host's
podium in case of no screw or nail to hang from.  Click image to enlarge.
Podium Section here   
                 Poduim Section                  Elks Logo (up to 20")  Emblems & Seals Section here  

Podium Section

Palos Verde Estates PD Wecome sign options for new lobby.  3/2015
Signs Section here 


Sheriff Section            Podium Section



Fire Section

Shield and Dimensional Badge for CCI / Sheriff Edmunds / Summit County



  Chief's Projects

Podium Section here

Sheriff Section here                                                     Irvine PD Section here

Framed glossy seal for the center of the patch.  Black suede top mat,                                                                                                                      
blue suede backboard with silver laser cutout lettering.                                                                 ;     ;                                                          

     Pomona PD -
                      Chief Seal
40" Hood River Seal                           Chief Section here



  West Covina PD -
                  Chief Seal

Fontana City Seal - 3D lighted 47" double layer.
 Glossy front section, satin back section with lighting inbetween layers. 2/2014


Vernon PD - Investigations Seal
Click on images to enlarge

Glossy, Backlighted, Scalloped Edge, 47" Irvine PD Investigations Seal.


click on images to enlarge...


Hood River 911 options...  Click images to enlarge.
Hood River 911 Seal

click images to enlarge

click images to enlarge

Irvine PD
            - Investigations Seal

See larger image here         See before and afters of logo/emblem

San Diego County Sheriff's Museum
Larger Image Here

Click to enlarge...

Corona PD / Patrol Proofs - Click to enlarge

Corona PD -
          Patrol Seals     

Fullerton PD Chief Seal
larger image here

click on any to enlarge...

click to enlarge
memorial seal
Caledonia PD Badge   New Jersey Chief's of
            Police Accoc. Seal

23" ESU Seal / Toms River PD  / NJ.
                River PD / New Jersey  CTIC SEAL

Sab Bernardino
                PD - Kim Thompson Seal     
Special Deputy - U.S. Marshal

Chester Thompson -
                Montclair PD Chief   
click to enlarge

click to enlarge...

Foley PD
          = Podium PatchChevron 12" Podium Seal  

LASD Explorer Emblem
larger image here          See our "Oversize Patches and Badges" section here

Bill Daly - Lockdown - Salt River Pima

University of Idaho Seals


University of Phoenix - Podium Emblem

ECPD Chief Moir - 24" Chief's Seal

LBPD - Podium Seal

Bridgeport, CA City Seal

Indo PD Chief's Seal

Indio PD Seals

LAPD - Harbor Emblem

Lawrence FD
see larger image here
LASD Weapons

Partners in Safety

Palm Springs Seal
See larger image here...

Virginia State Police
see larger image here...
San Anselmo Traffic
See actual size here

PS investiation

Palm Springs PD

Pima County

"We just had our CLEA Board meeting last week and everyone loved the quality and colors of the CLEA materials you designed for us.  Please share my compliments with your staff.
Our CAPF Board meeting is next week in Sacramento.  I expect the same compliments from our CAPF members."  -  Jerry Floyd / CLEA and CAPF Plan Administrator

Pico Water District - Logo plaque
see larger image here

Below...another smoother finish of the same product (before cut-out).


See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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