Past Projects

 Some of our "Army associated past projects" are shown below.
You can get ideas for your project by looking through the images.
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               TANNER / U.S. ARMY            


Fenton US Army
Army Section          Uniform Section           Plaque Options Section

Ortiz / Navy / Army / Army Reserve

Veach / US ARMY
Flag Section

Army Section   Uniform Section                

Hoppe - U.S. Army 
Plaque Options Section

Provence /

West - Department of Defense
DOD Section

Ellinson - U.S. Army Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

  Everman - U.S. Army / Air Forces presentation from Badge Frame
         Air Related Section     

Uniform    U.S. Army
            Retirement Shadowbox for Debra West from Badge Frame

U.S. Army Flag
            Presentation from Badge Frame for Ziino
Flag Section

U.S. Army Shadowboxes from Badge

Cudio - U.S. Army

Acuna -
                US Army

  Zdrazil - US Army
            Presentation from Badge Frame 

Anderson - U.S. Army presentation from Badge Frame

My Father passed away last night on 1/27/2016 and I can not Thank you enough for making such a beautiful
shadow box for him several years ago. I presented it to him thanking him for his service to our Great Country.
I am so thankful to Badge Frame for leaving the pictures of him and I on your website for several years now.
From time to time I often go to your website and look at the pictures of him and I the night I presented it to him,
which I will never forget. We often refer to those who served in WW II as  the "Greatest Generation.
Again Thank You for the Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can.
Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr. (retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey

Thanks Louis Jr. for your update and touching note. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you the best
and appreciate your father's service. Badge Frame is honored to have been a part of your journey.
-Bill Baxter / Owner / Badge Frame Inc.
E.O.W. / Fallen Section                      Florham Park PD Section

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U.S. Army - Honorable 


Plaque Options Page here

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Yannuzzi - Bootsie
Larger Image here...

Canadian Army
larger image here

Camacho - U.S. Army
larger image here

Graff - U.S. Army / LAPD

Zapakski - U.S. Army

Piccione - U.S. Army - Air Forces

Colonel Breslow - JROTC
click here for larger image

Bianco - WW2 - ARMY

Juan Cisneros -

Ramon Montoya
see larger image here

Ramon Montoya - US

Tim McMurry - US Army Medal Presentation

FBI - ARMY Iraq Flag

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