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Chino Police Department

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Dispatcher Section

Arnold - Chino PD Retirement
Police Shadowbox Section    Printed Background Section    Chino PD Section

Flores - Chino PD Explorer
Explorers Section

Chino PD Coin Reproductions
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Chino PD / Bussard plaque
Plaque Options Section

Allison / Chino PD Retirement

    Fank Mena / Chino PD and South Gate PD retirement presentation from Badge Frame
Frank Mena has been involved with Badge Frame from early on.
He has always been a friend, supporter and has referred many co-workers to us.
He will be staying on to help with the Chino PD Museum after his retirement.
Thanks Frank, for all your help throughout the years! Congratulations on your retirement!
South Gate PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Hayes / Chino PD / E.O.W. Memorial

Vargas / Chino & Ontario PD Pedroza / Chino Dispatch Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section Communications / Dispatch Section

Law Enforcement - Chino PD Decals from Badge Frame

   Chino Swat Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame for Needles   Chino PD - Traffic Division acrylic front Seal from Badge Frame
    Railroad Section    Recognition Section                                   Emblems & Seal Section

K-9 Shadowbox from Badge Frame for Garcia & Dre - Chino PD  K-9 plaque from Badge Frame
K-9 Section                           Plaque Options Section

Police Recognition by Badge Frame for Carrino - Chino PD   Police Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame for Curt Burton - Chino PD
SET/SWAT Section     Recognition Section     

Badge Frame - Jason Cloke - Chino PD - Motors Sergeant Presentation
Archives Section M
otors Section    Collage Section    Printed Backboard Section  

Jason Cloke - Chino PD - Desk Nameplate from Badge Frame
    Deskplate Section Motors Section        

Lt. Beckman - Chino PD - Career Presentation from Badge Frame Florentine / Chino PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes

    Sutton - Chino PD - SET Recognition from Badge Frame

Perpetual Plaques Section

                Police Shadowboxes    Dispatchers Section                                   E.O.W. Section                                                              

SWAT Section

    Police Shadowboxes

K-9 Section                                                            Chief's Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Recognition Section

Police Shadowboxes

Open Faced Section here                 Motors Section here

Archive Section here

Chief's Section here       Police Shadowboxes Recognition Section here

Unique recognition plaques because of not having recipient name.
The last day of the program and the award ceremony were the same day.

Miles Pruitt - Chino PD   

Chief's Section here

Chino PD - Of the Year Awards

Vega / Chino PD - Click to Enlarge

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Chino PD Chiefs

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  Vellejo - Chino PD 

  Franks Chino PD  

Nick Marotta - Medals
lager image here    Medals Section here

Chino PD - Performance Award Ribbons
Larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

CSI & EVIDENCE / Open Faced Presentation

larger image here

See larger image here      See close up of bottom section here

larger image here

Chino PD Museum Center Sponsor Sign options 9/25/12


Chino Police Officers Association /Gym Sponsor Sign / graphic options....Click to enlarge

Smaller certificates for the sponsors...

Chino PD Memorial Presentation...
Chino PD Memorial
larger image here

Chino PD
            "Copperbelles"  Chino PD Mouned

Chino PD - Tan &
            Green Uniform

     Chino PD 1968
          Uniform Inspection      

Chino PD - Bjelland Recognition
larger image here

Chino PD  S.W.A.T. Open Faced Pesentation
Chino PD - Open Faced SWAT Presentation
larger image here      
   Dimensional Side-View here

Chino PD  Traning Division /  Open Faced Pesentation
Chino PD - Open Faced Training
            Division Presentation
larger image here          Dimensional Side-View here

Chino PD  K-9 Division /  Open Faced Pesentation
Chino PD - K-9 Open Faced Presentation
larger image here    Dimensional Side View here

Chino PD  Traffic Division / Open Faced Pesentation

Chino PD - Open Faced Traffic Presentation
larger image here

Chino PD - Museum Sign Project
larger image here

Vallejo - Chino PD
larger image here

Chino PD
See larger image here    /    See K-9 Section here

Museum Sponsorship Plaque (one of 13) 9/2012

Chino PD
              - SET

Chino PD Badge

Chino PD - Recognition Plqaues
  9X12 $90   10X12.5 $100


Chino Police Department & Chino Valley Fire Department
Recognition Presentations for Pastor Jack Hibbs and General Boykin. 
Walnut Plaqued Version... $120

Chino Police Department &
Charcoal Framed Version... 9x12 $90 ea.  10X13 $100ea.
"The plaques were outstanding.
The Fire guys were impressed and will be doing more business with you.
Thanks for the great job on short notice".  Miles Pruitt / Chino PD Chief.

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Chief Stan Stewart -

IMAGES FOR THE NEW FACILITY.... Click to enlarge

Chino PD - Museum

Chino PD -
                Traffic images

Chino PD - K-9 's
                and Handlers


Chino PD - Patrol

Chino PD -
                Training Graphics

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